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Our Donor Embryo Success Rates for the First Half of 2020

The first half of 2020 has been such a challenging time for so many of us. With many fertility clinics closing and patients being unable to start medications, there has been a lot of uncertainty for patients seeking treatment.

During such trying times, feelings of sadness and hopelessness can creep up for those in the midst of a fertility struggle. We are proud to share some hopeful news with you...


How to Tell Your Child They Are Donor Conceived

The most important point to make when talking to your child about their conception is letting them know how deeply loved and wanted they are. So much so, that an entire team of people came together to bring them into existence and into your family.

One of the most delicate, yet important, questions for intended parents is, “how do I tell my child that they were conceived using an egg donor or donor embryo?” Although IVF using donor eggs or embryos offers amazing advantages, it’s also important to address these valid concerns to help alleviate any stress or fear that intended parents may feel. For parents who have chosen to disclose the information to their children, this blog shares some insights we have gathered from other families, including donor conceived adults and children themselves. Additionally, we share some resources, such as children’s books, to help you navigate the process of telling your child about their donor conception. 


Does Egg Donor Blood Type Matter?

You’ve narrowed down your egg donor search, finding the perfect egg donor who has all the characteristics you’ve been looking for. Then you realize there are many other aspects to consider, such as the donor’s blood type, and wonder if you need to factor that into your decision-making. Does the egg donor’s blood type matter? Interestingly, the answer is no. The donor blood type does not impact the outcome of the IVF cycle or the health of the child. One less decision for you to worry about!

“The donor blood type does not impact the outcome of the IVF cycle or the health of the child.”


Embryo Donation Cost Compared to Embryo Adoption Cost

We understand that when you're considering using donor embryos to grow your family, one of the first questions that comes to mind may be, “how much does embryo donation cost?” or "how much does embryo adoption cost?" In this blog, we provide an overview of donor embryo costs, including the cost to adopt an embryo. If you have any additional questions, the Donor Nexus team is always here to help.

Embryo Donation Cost


What Are My Options When Using Donor Embryos?

Anonymous vs. Open Embryo Donation

At Donor Nexus, our flexible embryo donation program offers anonymous and open embryo donation. We also provide “in-between” options to satisfy the wishes of both the embryo donors (donor parents) and the recipients (intended parents).  


Why I Decided to be an Egg Donor | Egg Donor Experience

In this video, Donor Nexus egg donor 1518 reflects on why she became an egg donor.

"Parents that embark on on this experience — that go down the road of egg donation — they’re so ready. They are so prepared to love and care for these children..."


NIAW: National Infertility Awareness Week 2020

NIAW (National Infertility Awareness Week) is here! Since starting in 1989, the NIAW movement has been hosted by RESOLVE, a non-profit organization dedicated to infertility advocacy and support. As an avid supporter of RESOLVE, Donor Nexus is proud to participate in the #ChangeTheConversation campaign and do our part to spread awareness, advocacy, and compassion regarding infertility. 

When is National Infertility Awareness Week 2020?


Baby Announcement: Twin Girls Born Via Embryo Donation!

We are excited to share Intended Parent Z's baby announcement:

"On April 1st at 7:25pm EST beautiful twin girls joined our family! I feel good for less than a week post C-section and enjoying the exhausting and exhilarating life of a twin mum!


Sandy's Journey to Parenthood

“I just wanted to take a moment to share my journey to motherhood."

"I was trying to conceive for one year and ultimately decided to turn to IVF in the hopes that I would become pregnant right away. I went to another agency and completed my first round of IVF and unfortunately my embryos did not make it. I waited approx. 6 months and tried another round of IVF again, using my own eggs and my husband’s sperm. Again the IVF was a failure and I was disappointed. At that time I decided to weigh my options and several months later I decided I would use donor eggs. My search took several months and was very frustrating to say the least. I contacted several agencies and was given the run around over and over. I also was never given a clear answer as far as pricing. I spent numerous hours online searching and it was very frustrating as I felt I was


Does Donating Eggs Affect Future Fertility? | Egg Donor Experience by Donor J

Many potential egg donors ask, "can donating eggs affect my fertility?"

In this video, 8-time egg donor Jenny addresses that concern and shares her experience with conceiving shortly after donating eggs. Spoiler alert: baby on the way!


Information for Pregnant Patients Regarding COVID-19

In this Q & A, Dr. John Norian shares information for pregnant women and IVF patients regarding the Coronavirus.

About the AuthorDr. John Norian is a Board Certified Reproductive Endocrinologist at HRC Fertility. Connect with him on Facebook @johnnorianmd.


Advice for First-Time Egg Donors | Egg Donor Experience by Donor D


Why Did You Become an Egg Donor? | Egg Donor Experience by Donor C


Embryo Donation vs. Adoption

Summary: Although embryo adoption is sometimes used interchangeably for embryo donation, they do not mean the same thing. There are important differences to note between embryo adoption agencies and embryo donation agencies, which we explain on this page. At Donor Nexus, we offer embryo donation cycles. If you are seeking embryos available for adoption, we encourage you to learn more about the differences between embryo donation and embryo adoption before choosing which one is right for you. 

Donor Nexus’ embryo donation program is ranked among the top in the world 


Mary's Journey to Parenthood

IVF Over 40 Success Story

For intended parents interested in pursuing IVF over 40 or single moms who want another baby or want their first baby, we are excited to share Mary's beautiful success story. Mary is a single woman over 40 who achieved her dreams of parenthood using donor embryos.


6 Tips for Emotionally Dealing with Infertility

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to understanding how to deal with infertility emotions. We understand the feelings of loss and grief you may be experiencing, and we hope these simple reminders will help bring you some comfort during this time, especially #6 as it’s the most important for all parents-to-be!

Reading Time: 4 mins


Preparing for the Holidays Without A Baby

Although the holidays are focused on celebration and joy, this time of year can be hard for many people. Specifically for couples or individuals who are having a difficult time on their family-building journey. If you are in the midst of pursuing IVF treatments and find yourself dreading all the touchy comments and questions by friends and family members this holiday season, this post is for you. 

How to Handle the Question, “When are you Going to Have a Baby?”


Choosing A Premier Egg Donor

Did you know that Donor Nexus offers a Premier Egg Donor Program? This program is an excellent option for intended parents who are seeking an egg donor with specific desirable traits or characteristics. 



Tips for Women Thinking About Becoming an Egg Donor

A woman who donates her eggs so that someone else can experience the lifelong joy of parenthood is incredibly generous. Without a doubt, this gift has to be one of the most meaningful you could ever give, but it does come with some risks that you should be aware of. These tips will help you make the right decision and prepare you for what’s ahead: 

1. Learn Everything You Can Ahead of Time


My Egg Donor Experience, by Donor M

I chose to become an egg donor out of the blue. It wasn’t something that I had planned (or even knew existed truth be told). My roommate did it and I saw how she was able to help someone start a family and it instantly warmed my heart.

Due to my ethnicity and background, I was sure there weren’t a lot of women who were open to donating. This was when I knew I should just go for it because people never truly know who has a difficult time conceiving and starting a family.


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