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Anonymous vs. Open Egg Donation (and Hybrid Options)

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In this blog, we explain open vs. anonymous egg donation and share hybrid, or "in-between", options available to intended parents.

Do's and Don'ts While on IVF Medication (For Egg Donors)

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In this video, we share some do's and don'ts while on egg donor medications.

Are Egg Donors Required to Be Vaccinated?

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Given what we’ve all experienced these past few years with COVID-19, it’s becoming more common for intended parents to wonder whether or not an egg donor has received the COVID-19 vaccination and/or booster shots.

Choosing A Premier Egg Donor

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Did you know that Donor Nexus offers a Premier Egg Donor Program? This program is an excellent option for intended parents who are seeking an egg donor with specific desirable traits or characteristics. 

What is an Outside Monitoring Clinic?

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In this video, we explain to potential egg donors what it means when you hear "outside monitoring clinic".

What is a Recessive Gene?

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In this video, we explain recessive genes using the Punnett Square.

What is Genetic Compatibility?

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Part of the fertility clinic’s pre-screening is to confirm that you are genetically compatible with the sperm provider.

4 Tips for Preparing to Receive Donor Eggs

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When preparing for donor egg IVF, there are many simple lifestyle changes that you can begin focusing on right away to improve your chances of success. Here are our top 4 tips for preparing to receive donor eggs or donor embryos!

A Day in the Life of an Egg Donor (Video Series)

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In this "Day in the Life" video series, an egg donor takes you through a step-by-step process of donating eggs with Donor Nexus.

Pen Pals: Letters Between an Intended Parent an Egg Donor

Donor Eggs Intended Parent Stories

"I really want you to know how extraordinarily grateful I am to you for giving me this opportunity to live a dream that was born so long ago. I wish you all the happiness in the world and may one day you have a family of your own and feel the love and excitement motherhood brings.”

My Experience Bonding and Loving My Baby Born Via Donor Eggs

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As a well-known advocate in the industry and mother via donor eggs herself, Victoria brings a special perspective to the table and helps parents navigate their unique journey using donor eggs.

Finding Hope: An Intended Parent and Egg Donor Meeting

Intended Parent Stories

"There is a loving mother who has yearned to complete her family for years and now, because of her selfless act, she has hope that it is possible!"

Donor Embryo Success Rates (Embryo Adoption or Donation)

Embryo Donation

It’s important to be informed of donor embryo success rates when deciding whether embryo donation/adoption is right for you. Let's dive into the numbers!

Donor Nexus Interview with Cryoport®

Intended Parent Resources

Donor Nexus was recently interviewed by the team at Cryoport® for a feature on their blog! We are honored to share the interview with you to provide some insights into Donor Nexus, the donor industry, and our valuable partnership with Cryoport®.

Donor Conception Day Instagram LIVE: Wednesday, April 27th

Fresh Egg Donation

What is it like to be an egg donor? How do children feel about being conceived using donor eggs? In honor of Donor Conception Awarenes Day, one of our very own egg donors will be going LIVE on our Instagram to chat about both sides of egg donation. Don't miss it!

It's National Infertility Awareness Week!

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At Donor Nexus, we are passionate about NIAW because it gives us an opportunity to recognize, honor, and fight for people who are fighting to have a family. We have shared some resources below to hel

What Your AMH Levels Mean (for Egg Donors)

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AMH testing is used to help measure your ovarian reserve (remaining egg supply). In this blog, we cover everything egg donors need to know about AMH levels and the AMH blood test which is typically required for new donors.

5 Things to Know About Embryo Donation

Embryo Donation

Embryo donation allows patients to use donated embryos during their IVF treatment in hopes of achieving a pregnancy. In this blog, we’re going to share 5 things you should know about embryo donation!

Can You Donate Eggs While on Birth Control?

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Can you donate eggs while on birth control? The short answer is that it depends on which form of birth control you are on. In this blog, we’ll outline what to expect depending on which method of birth control you are using or have used. 

Birth Control Before IVF? Find Out Why!

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IVF birth control protocols are commonly recommended by doctors, but why? In this blog, we dive into when to start, how long you are on birth control, and more.

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