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7 Tips for Recovery After Egg Retrieval

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At Donor Nexus, we aim to make your egg retrieval recovery experience as smooth and comfortable as possible. To help ensure you return to your daily life feeling your best, we’re here to share 7 tips for recovery after egg retrieval. Let’s jump in!

What to Eat After Egg Retrieval to Speed Up Recovery

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What you eat after egg retrieval can significantly impact your recovery, comfort, and overall well-being. Find a list of foods, snacks, and meals in this blog!

Understanding BMI Requirements for Egg Donation

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In this blog post, we'll discuss why BMI matters for egg donation and offer tips to help you achieve a healthy BMI if you're considering becoming an egg donor.

Can You Donate Eggs If Your Tubes Are Tied?

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If you're considering egg donation but have undergone tubal ligation, commonly known as having your tubes tied, you may wonder if you're still eligible to donate eggs. The short answer? Yes, it's possible, and here's why.

Egg Donor Pay: Exploring Compensation Options (2024)

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In this blog, we’ll talk about factors that influence egg donation pay, take a transparent look at our compensation packages, and explore the intrinsic motivators and rewards that our donors experience.

Pros and Cons of Donating Eggs (From Firsthand Experiences)

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In this blog, we give a clear breakdown of the benefits and challenges of egg donation. These lists were compiled from actual egg donor experiences to deepen your understanding of the process, requirements, and potential side effects.

Side Effects of Egg Donation: What to Expect

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In this blog, we cover all the possible side effects of egg donation and address concerns for potential long-term risks. Learn more!

How Long Is the Egg Donation Process From Start to Finish?

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At Donor Nexus, we offer the fastest matching time in the industry, which means our egg donors have the opportunity to donate with the most minimal time commitment possible. Learn more about our timeline options in this blog post!

7 of the Most Common Egg Donation Disqualifiers

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Egg donation is a highly regulated process and not all women who wish to be egg donors are eligible to do so. In this blog, we explore 6 of the most common disqualifications for egg donors.

In Their Own Words: 7 Insights on Egg Donation Side Effects

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In this blog, we've compiled 7 insights and tips from previous egg donors who openly shared their experiences with egg donation side effects and recovery.

Is Donating Eggs Painful? Preparing Yourself for the Process

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Discover what to expect from each phase of egg donation - possible pain or discomfort from medications, injections and the procedure - as told by previous donors.

If I Donate My Eggs, Can I Still Have Babies?

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If you’ve considered becoming an egg donor, you’ve likely been curious about whether donating your eggs will affect your future fertility. It’s an important question to ask! Even if you’re not ready to have children of your own now, you should still feel confident that the door will be open if and w

Egg Retrieval Procedure: What to Expect

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In this blog, we explain what happens during the egg retrieval procedure and share a video from a previous egg donor sharing her experience. Learn more!

5 Quick Tips to Help Overcome Fear of Needles

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Egg donation involves a series of self-injections and in-clinic blood draws that can make the process less than fun. Luckily, there are some things you can do to reduce your needle anxiety and reduce pain with injections.

Donor Nexus Launches New Program For Egg Donors

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We're proud to announce our new program offering for egg donors – The Donor Nexus Futures Program! Freeze your eggs for free when you donate half to be used by another family. Learn more!

5 Ways to Care for Your Body When Donating Eggs

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Your physical and mental state are important when you are completing an egg donation cycle. Learn some tips here!

5 Ways to Make Bloating Go Away After Egg Retrieval

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Bloating is a common side effect of egg donation. Whether you are in the midst of a cycle, or just completed an egg retrieval, we are here to share some tips to help relieve the bloating.

If I Donate Eggs, Is the Child Biologically Mine?

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As you consider the impact of your decision to donate eggs, it's natural to wonder about the biological connection between you and the child(ren) born from your donated eggs. Learn all about it in this blog!

Frozen Egg Banking vs. One-on-One Cycle

Egg Donor Resources Videos

In this video, we explain the difference between participating in a Frozen Egg Banking Cycle compared to a One-on-One Cycle for egg donors.

What Is a Sibling Cycle?

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A "sibling cycle" refers to a second egg donation with a set of intended parents that you’ve previously donated with. Learn more!

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