Financial Breakdown

The cost of using donor eggs or donor embryos varies depending on several factors. Our financial breakdown aims to provide all intended parents with an understanding of the costs involved when using donor eggs or donor embryos, while also providing an overview of what is included in the price. If you have additional questions, please contact us.

Traditional Donor Egg Cycle Cost

Our Traditional Fresh Egg Donor Cycle - Agency Fees Only option starts at $18,800 USD. This includes the egg donor compensation and reimbursement, agency fee, psychological evaluation, genetic counseling, legal representation for egg donor, establishment/management of escrow account, and the egg donor’s medical insurance.

Additionally, we are proud to offer an Agency Fees Only option for our Premier Egg Donors, starting at $32,000 USD.

We partner with HRC Fertility to offer all inclusive packages, which include the agency fee and IVF fees for the egg donor. The all inclusive packages start at $41,250 USD.

Frozen Donor Egg Cost

With the frozen donor egg cycle (starting at $18,000 USD) you receive six (6) eggs thawed and suitable for fertilization, from which we plan to have at least one (1) viable embryo for implantation/transfer/freeze by Day 7.

Donor Nexus Shared Hope Cycle™ Cost

With the shared fresh egg donor cycle our goal is to get you at least six (6) fresh eggs suitable for fertilization, from which we plan to have at least two (2) viable embryos for implantation/transfer/freeze by Day 7.

There are two (2) categories of egg donors to choose from:

• First time, unproven egg donors (starting at $28,500 USD)

• Previous egg donors (starting at $30,100 USD)

The Shared Hoped Fresh Egg Donor Cycle includes:

  • Egg Donor Compensation and Reimbursement
  • All egg donor screens
  • All egg donor medications
  • Egg donor legal counsel
  • Establishment of escrow account to hold and release funds to egg donor (Effective Jan 1 2016. Amended Section 4. Section 7961 of the California Family Code)
  • All egg donor medical care including all cycle monitoring
  • Egg donor temporary medical insurance to cover any complications
  • Egg donor egg retrieval
  • Anesthesia for egg donor retrieval
  • Fertilization of donor eggs with ICSI
  • Culture of embryos
  • Embryo transfer
  • Recipient monitoring ultrasounds and blood tests done at HRC Fertility
  • Recipient’s initial blood pregnancy test if done at HRC Fertility


The Shared Hope Fresh Egg Donor Cycle DOES NOT include:

  • Recipient pre-testing
  • Recipient medications
  • Freezing and storage of embryos not transferred
  • Frozen embryo transfer cycle(s) if necessary
  • Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis if desired
  • Recipient legal counsel if desired


Embryo Donation Cost

Donor Nexus’ donor embryo cycles begin at just $12,200 USD per cycle, excluding pre-testing and medications. This embryo donation cost includes cycle coordination, monitoring at HRC Fertility, embryo thawing, and embryo transfer.  Your fee also goes toward the outstanding storage and cryopreservation fees, and administrative costs. Learn more: Embryo Donation Cost

Additional Options

» Zoom Meeting With Egg Donor

We offer in-person or Zoom meetings for you to get to know the egg donor prior to confirming the match, as long as the egg donor agrees to the meeting. To facilitate the meeting, we will collect a non-refundable $500, which will be put toward our cycle fees if you move  forward with our agency.

» Putting an Egg Donor on Hold

If you would like to “hold” an egg donor for one week, you can do so by paying a $500 non-refundable hold fee. If you elect to move forward with the cycle, the $500 will be put towards your agency fee.

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