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Anonymous vs. Open Egg Donation (and the In-Between)

In this blog, we outline the differences between open egg donation, anonymous egg donation, and flexible "in-between" options. Learn more!

"The Story of a Frozen Princess": An Embryo Adoption Success Story

A beautiful embryo adoption success story written by one of our Intended Parents of their embryo adoption/donation journey.

My Egg Donor Experience, by Donor N

"I have done 5 cycles so far, soon to be 6. Every single donation resulted in a happy ending…babies! Some were even twins!"

My Egg Donor Experience, by Donor D

"Being a mother myself, I couldn't even imagine what the intended parents are going through with trying to conceive. When I first found out about egg donation, I was a little bit nervous, but very excited to be able to help others."

A Step-by-Step Guide to Becoming an Egg Donor

We have had the opportunity of working closely with many young women on their journey to becoming egg donors for the first time. Drawing on this experience, we have put together a comprehensive step-by-step guide for anyone interested in donating eggs with Donor Nexus.

Why a Proven Egg Donor Backed Out of a Cycle

Sometimes, proven egg donors may back out of a cycle for various reasons. Read about a similar situation in this blog post.

The results are in...!

The results are in and once again HRC Fertility’s success rates rank among the top nationwide. We are so excited to announce that our partner fertility clinic, HRC Fertility Orange County, is one of the top three best IVF clinics in the United States

The Questions to Ask Before You Choose an Egg Donor Agency

It is important to ensure you are armed with the knowledge and understanding of the process in its entirety before committing to a specific donor or agency. Below is a brief list of questions that will help reduce risk and increase the likelihood of success.

A Perfect Pair: The Recap of a Donor and Intended Parent Skype Meeting

We are always excited to facilitate a meeting between Intended Parents and their chosen Egg Donors if both parties agree. Read about a recent meeting here!

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