Embryo Donation Process & Cycle Timeline

Embryo Donation Process

Deciding to use donor embryos is a significant step for intended parents who are eager to start or expand their family. The embryo donation process typically involves carefully navigating the options available, selecting a reputable agency, browsing donor embryo profiles on a database, and ultimately choosing a donor embryo(s) to be used in an IVF cycle. Once the steps of considering and selecting a donor embryo(s) have been completed, the donor embryo cycle is ready to beign. Below, we share a detailed step-by-step overview of the donor embryo cycle timeline with Donor Nexus. Please note that although embryo adoption and embryo donation have the same end goal of using donor embryos to acheive a pregnancy, the embryo adoption process requires a few more steps than what we have shared above.

The Donor Nexus Donor Embryo Cycle Timeline

The donor embryo cycles are relatively straightforward and can be completed in 2-3 months from the time you secure a donor embryo.

1. Once you choose a donor embryo(s), we will request you to send us the following information:

a. Name and date of birth
b. Partners name and date of birth, if applicable
c. Mailing address

2. Donor Nexus will email you preliminary paperwork, deposit invoice (50% of the cycle fee), and agreement. You will have one week to complete the paperwork and submit funds.

3. Upon receipt of the signed contract and funds, the embryo will be secured. The embryos are removed from the database and can no longer be offered to other patients. We will also forward a confirmed match sheet to your IVF physician.

4. You are put in contact with HRC Fertility to schedule a consultation with the designated physician.

5. The IVF physician will order pretesting to be completed prior to the frozen embryo transfer cycle. You will be put in contact with a nurse coordinator who will give you pretesting orders and help you throughout the entire process. Note: If you live outside of Southern California, the pretesting does not have to be completed at HRC Fertility.

You can expect to have the following pretesting ordered by your physician if you are 45 years old or younger:

a. Uterine Cavity Evaluation- sonohysterogram or hysteroscopy with mock embryo transfer (to be completed Cycle Day 6-10 of Menses)

b. State Mandated Infectious Disease Panel for you AND your partner, if applicable.

c. Any additional testing the physician requests

6. Once your pretesting is completed, you will determine cycle dates with your nurse coordinator. Your nurse coordinator will also order your medications.

7. You will be on medications for about 35 days before your embryo transfer. You will have 2- 3 monitoring ultrasounds completed before your embryo transfer. The ultrasounds are spaced apart 1-2 weeks. These appointments ensure your uterine lining is ready for transfer.

8. The embryo transfer will take place at HRC Fertility. Most physicians require 2 days of bed rest following the embryo transfer.* If you live outside of Southern California, you can expect to be in California for a total of 4 days.

*In the rare event your embryo(s) do(es) not survive the thaw, the laboratory will be instructed to either thaw another embryo from the same profile OR Donor Nexus will reach out to you to provide you with a backup embryo profile. You can choose to either thaw a backup embryo OR receive a refund or credit if the profiles do not meet your desired criteria.

9. Your first blood bHCG level will be drawn 10-12 days after transfer.

Please note this is a brief description of the overall process in order to provide you with a better understanding of what to expect!

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