NIAW Day 1: #ReMARKableStories Apr 22, 2024 | by Donor Nexus

It's Officially National Infertility Awareness Week (NIAW)! 

Day 1: #ReMARKableStories Deserve to Be Told!

While most intended parents choose to keep their stories private, a few of our IPs have been kind enough to share their experience in the form of a written testimonial, video, or blog post story. In honor of NIAW, we've highlighted a few truly remarkable stories by our intended parents below.

We know that when you're on the journey to expand your family with the help of donor embryos, you're likely to have questions like, “How much does embryo adoption cost?” or "What about embryo donation - how much does that cost?" Well, in this blog, we've got you covered! We're breaking down the costs of using donor embryos in IVF and comparing the costs associated with embryo donation to the costs associated with embryo adoption. Let's dive in! 

Victoria’s Heartfelt Blog Series on Donor Conception

We were so honored to partner with Victoria Nino in a series of blogs and videos sharing her experiences and personal insights into the emotional and practical aspects of using donor eggs. As an advocate and leading voice in the DEIVF community, Victoria shares her immense knowledge on epigenetics, donor conception, early disclosure, and more. Her blogs and videos have proven to be an amazing resource to our intended parents and we invite you to dive into them if you haven't already!

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The average cost of embryo adoption is around $18,850. Find a breakdown of the embryo adoption cost in this blog!

"The Story of a Frozen Princess" - An Embryo Donation Story

In this beautifully written story, David and Cori share their unique journey to parenthood. After experiencing a full-term pregnancy loss, they found themselves exploring alternative paths to parenthood. This led them to discover embryo donation, which fueled their passion to "adopt" a child. Partnering with Donor Nexus, they experienced the joy of pregnancy with a donated embryo and shared their experience to support others considering similar paths. 

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Donor Embryo success story

Finding Hope After Failed IVF: Sandy's Journey to Parenthood

In this blog, Intended Parent Sandy shares her journey to parenthood. After multiple failed IVF cycles with her own eggs, Sandy turned to donor eggs and shares her experience feeling hesitant at first and highlighting the support she received throughout the process.

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Donor Egg success story

From Cancer Survivor to New Mom: Mary's Inspiring Story

After overcoming breast cancer and the subsequent infertility from treatments, Mary's dream of motherhood was reignited at 46 years old. Inspired by late pregnancy success stories, she pursued embryo donation. Her determination paid off beautifully with the birth of her son, Jaxon.

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