IVF Pregnancy Announcements: Tips and Creative Ideas Jun 01, 2024 | by Donor Nexus

IVF Pregnancy Announcements: Tips and Creative Ideas

After all the waiting, hoping, and countless procedures, sharing the news of a successful IVF pregnancy is an incredibly emotional and joyous occasion. If you’re nearing this point in your journey, we’re excited to share some creative and heartfelt IVF pregnancy announcement ideas to help make sharing the news with your loved ones fun and memorable!

When Is It Safe to Announce Pregnancy After IVF?

First, to answer the question, “When is it safe to announce pregnancy after IVF?”, the answer is the same as any pregnancy. It ultimately depends on several factors – including the advice from your medical provider who knows your medical history and what you feel the most comfortable with. 

However, most parents wait at least until the end of the first trimester, around the 12-week mark, to share their news. By this time, the risk of miscarriage significantly decreases, and the pregnancy is generally considered more stable. 

When is it safe to announce an IVF pregnancy? It depends on a few factors. Learn more and find IVF pregnancy announcement ideas in this blog post!

While it’s suggested to wait to share the news officially, you may still want to consider confiding in your closest loved ones early on so they can support you during the emotional first few weeks of pregnancy.

Now, let’s move on to some of our favorite IVF pregnancy announcement ideas to help you prepare to celebrate this special milestone!

Creative IVF Pregnancy Announcement Ideas - Digital Downloads

Nowadays, what is considered an *official* pregnancy announcement? Sharing on social media, of course! So, we’ll kick off our IVF pregnancy announcement ideas with a few cute digital downloads that you can customize with your details to make your announcement extra special!

With a wide range of themes—cute, sweet, funny, holiday-themed, and more—you can find just about anything you can imagine. Whether or not you incorporate “IVF” into your theme is totally up to you, but we’ll highlight a few IVF-themed pregnancy announcements below! 

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1. Difficult Roads Lead to Beautiful Outcomes

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This template can be used as an IVF pregnancy announcement or a Rainbow Baby Announcement. Find more ideas in this blog post!

2. Journey to Baby Milestones Announcement

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Commemorate your IVF journey with this creative IVF pregnancy announcement idea!

3. Made With Lots of Love and a Little Science 

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Find IVF pregnancy announcement ideas in this blog post!

4. Rainbow Baby Pregnancy Announcement

This quote - "No one ever wanted wanted anything more than we wanted you" - is perfect for your rainbow baby announcement.

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This rainbow baby announcement with a quote is a great idea to share your special news. Find more ideas for announcing rainbow pregnancy in this blog post!

5. We’re Doing IVF Announcement

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Commemorate the beginning of your journey with this IVF annoucement!

Onesies for an IVF Baby Announcement 

Feeling extra creative? You can craft your own photoshoot setup with personal props. These props can also be used for an in-person announcement—just invite your friends or family and have the set-up on display! As a bonus, save the onesie for your IVF birth announcement.

Here are some fun props that you can in your IVF pregnancy, birth, or baby announcement:

  • Chalkboard or letter board – Add a cute little saying and/or due date!
  • Ultrasound image
  • Pregnancy test
  • Onesie or outfit (then don’t forget to snap a photo of your baby in it later!)
  • Baby shoes or booties
  • Stuffed animal

1. Rainbow Baby Announcement Onesie

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The perfect onesie for announcing rainbow pregnancy. Find more rainbow baby announcement ideas in this blog post!

2. Made With Love and a Little Science

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Ideas for an IVF baby announcement or IVF birth announcement. Find more in this blog!

3. The Little Embryo That Could

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Find ideas for your IVF birth announcement, IVF baby announcement, or IVF pregnancy announcement in this blog post!

Create a Video Announcement

Another idea for a social media reveal is to create a video compilation documenting your IVF journey, from the initial stages of the process to the moment you found out about your pregnancy. You can also add clips from doctor's visits, ultrasounds, and reactions from family and friends. If a photo is worth a thousand words, then a video compilation must be worth millions!

Quotes for Caption Inspiration

These quotes are just too sweet not to include in our list. You can add them to your letterboard, in your caption on social media, or wherever you wish:

  • “We never gave up”
  • “Our bun, her oven” for a surrogacy pregnancy!
  • “Made with lots of love…and a little science”
  • “The little embryo that could”
  • “No one ever wanted anything more than we wanted you”
  • “Our miracle is on the way”
  • “Dreams do come true”
  • “Hope, patience, and science brought us you”

IVF Pregnancy Announcement Using Donor Eggs or Embryos 

Announcing your pregnancy is a beautiful milestone – for many, it’s the moment that makes the pregnancy truly feel “official”, oftentimes after a very long road of infertility

This is your chance to share your joy and gratitude with those who have supported you along the way. If a donor egg or donor embryo helped get you to this moment, you can approach your announcement with the same excitement and happiness as any other! Share as much or as little as you feel comfortable with. The most important thing is to stay true to yourself and choose an announcement style that you will love as you look back on this special moment.

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