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World IVF Day 2024: Celebrating Embryologist Day Worldwide!

Donor Eggs Embryo Donation

July 25th is World IVF Day, giving us the opportunity to honor the incredible work of embryologists past and present. In this blog, we share a timeline of breakthroughs in IVF which made it possible for us to do what we do today!

Embryo Adoption vs. Embryo Donation

Embryo Donation

In both embryo adoption and embryo donation, patients are able to use donated frozen embryos in hopes of achieving a pregnancy. However, there are important differences in the process of embryo adoption compared to the process of embryo donation.

An Alternative to Embryo Adoption With No Home Study

Embryo Donation

Our embryo donation program is a great alternative to embryo adoption with no home study. Discover the many benefits of using donor embryos with Donor Nexus in this blog post!

Egg Donation Explained: Nonidentified, Identified, Open ID

Donor Eggs Frozen Donor Eggs Fresh Egg Donation Intended Parent Resources

Deciding on the right type of egg donation — whether Nonidentified, Identified, or Open ID — depends on your personal preferences and comfort level with transparency and contact. Here’s a closer look to help you make an informed decision.

How to Prepare for IVF With Donor Eggs: A Personal Guide

Donor Eggs Intended Parent Resources

Find our 5 tips for preparing to receive donor eggs. From mindset to nutrition, these tips will help your DEIVF journey be as smooth and successful as possible.

7 Potential Disadvantages of Using Donor Eggs to Consider

Donor Eggs Intended Parent Resources

Just like most things in life, using donor eggs comes with its own set of pros and cons. In this blog, we explore 10 considerations – including physical, emotional, and financial aspects - to ensure that you’re fully informed and prepared before beginning the donor egg IVF process.

What I've Learned From Choosing an Egg Donor 3 Times

Donor Conception Donor Eggs Intended Parent Resources

Advice from an experienced mother via donor eggs who has done this once or twice (or three times!) "It’s totally normal to want to find a resemblance of yourself in the donor, just don’t obsess over it..."

5 Tips for Having Meaningful Conversations About Infertility

Donor Eggs Intended Parent Resources

June is World Infertility Awareness Month! To help you navigate how to talk about infertility, we’re here to share a few tips to transform potentially uncomfortable moments into meaningful interactions — whether or not you choose to disclose your personal journey.

New Studies Show Frozen Donor Egg Success On Par With Fresh!

Donor Eggs Frozen Donor Eggs Intended Parent Resources

Recent studies are showing that frozen donor egg success rates are now comparable to fresh donor eggs!

IVF Pregnancy Announcements: Tips and Creative Ideas

Donor Egg Success Stories

If you’re nearing this point in your journey, we’re excited to share some creative and heartfelt IVF pregnancy announcement ideas to help make sharing the news with your loved ones fun and memorable!

Mother Via Donor Eggs Shares Her Pregnancy Experiences

Donor Eggs Videos Intended Parent Stories

*VIDEO* "Using donor eggs to get pregnant isn’t something you can really understand until you have gone through it. I went from feeling like the most unlucky person in the world to the absolute luckiest."

My Personal Journey Finding Peace With Donor Eggs

Donor Eggs Epigenetics Embryo Donation Intended Parent Resources

"Before getting pregnant, I knew I had to change my perspective if I was going to be able to accept using donor eggs."

5 Long-Term Stress Management Strategies for Infertility

Intended Parent Resources

Did you know that infertility patients experience stress levels comparable to those of cancer patients? In this blog, we share strategies to help decrease stress levels long-term.

Fresh vs. Frozen Donor Eggs: 5 Important Factors to Compare

Frozen Donor Eggs Fresh Egg Donation Intended Parent Resources

Fresh vs. frozen donor eggs - success rates, cost, amount of eggs received, timeline, cycle completion. We cover all the bases to help you make the best choice!

Find Your Tribe: Join a Donor Egg Support Group

Donor Conception Donor Eggs Embryo Donation

In this blog, we explore donor egg support groups and other resources to provide guidance and community on your donor conception journey.

NIAW Day 1: #ReMARKableStories

Donor Egg Success Stories

Day 1 of this year's 5 Day Challenge is #ReMARKableStories — and we're here for it! In this blog, we share a few inspirational stories by intended parents.

My Experience Bonding With My Donor Egg Baby

Donor Eggs Intended Parent Resources

As a well-known advocate in the industry and mother via donor eggs herself, Victoria brings a special perspective to the table and helps parents navigate their unique journey using donor eggs.

Epigenetics: Donor Egg Mother's Influence Starts in the Womb

Donor Eggs Epigenetics Intended Parent Resources

Studies of epigenetics tell us that environmental factors from the birth mother’s body modify the gene expression, or what the gene does. Learn more about this fascinating concept in this blog and video post!

What Are My Options for Unused Embryos After IVF?

Donor Eggs Embryo Donation Intended Parent Resources

If you're undecided on what to do with leftover embryos after IVF, you're not alone. Studies show that roughly 40% of patients are unsure of what to do with leftover embryos after IVF. It can be an overwhelming and emotional decision to make...

A Heartfelt Letter to Every DEIVF Mama-To-Be

Donor Eggs Epigenetics Intended Parent Resources

In this blog post, a DEIVF mother shares a heartfelt letter to new or soon-to-be mothers via donor egg. "Our bond is like nothing I could have ever imagined..."

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