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World IVF Day 2023

Embryo Donation

July 25th is World IVF Day, giving us the opportunity to honor the incredible work of embryologists past and present. In this blog, we take a fascinating look at a timeline of breakthroughs in IVF which made it possible for us to do what we do today!

How Commercial Genetic Testing Affects "Anonymous" Egg/Embryo Donation

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In this blog, we discuss the implications of commercial genetic testing technology on anonymous egg donation and embryo donation. Learn more!

Deciding What to Do With Embryos After IVF

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So, you have leftover embryos after IVF and you’re now feeling the stress of having to decide what to do. You’re not alone. If you have decided that you have no use for the embryos, have you considered the option of donating embryos to other couples or individuals?

Donor Embryo Success Rates (Embryo Adoption or Donation)

Embryo Donation

It’s important to be informed of donor embryo success rates when deciding whether embryo donation/adoption is right for you. Let's dive into the numbers!

5 Things to Know About Embryo Donation

Embryo Donation

Embryo donation allows patients to use donated embryos during their IVF treatment in hopes of achieving a pregnancy. In this blog, we’re going to share 5 things you should know about embryo donation!

An Overview of Embryo Grading at Donor Nexus

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The grading of an embryo is determined by the embryologist at the time the embryo is frozen. It is a method used to evaluate the quality of the embryo. Donor Nexus partners with HRC Fertility, whose embryo grading is as follows.

How to Talk to Your Child About Donor Conception

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The most important point to make when talking to your child about their conception is letting them know how deeply loved and wanted they are. So much so, that an entire team of people came together to bring them into existence and into your family.

Anonymous vs. Open Embryo Donation: What Are My Options?

Embryo Donation

At Donor Nexus, our flexible embryo donation program offers anonymous and open embryo donation. We also provide “in-between” options to satisfy the wishes of both the embryo donors (donor parents) and the recipients (intended parents). Learn more about your options in this blog post!

Embryo Donation vs. Adoption

Embryo Donation

Although embryo adoption is sometimes used interchangeably for embryo donation, they do not mean the same thing. There are important differences to note between embryo adoption agencies and embryo donation agencies, which we explain in this post.

We’ve Completed Our Family and Have Extra Embryos: Now What?

Embryo Donation

When a couple or individual completes their family, they often times have left over embryos. Many patients wonder what they do with the extra embryos. There are three options available to patients.

Important Update Effective August 22 2016: FDA Amends Donor Embryo Regulation

Embryo Donation

The new rule affects the subsequent directed or anonymous donation of embryos originally created for the reproductive use of a specific individual or couple and takes effect August 22, 2016.

New Program Announcement! Independent Match Embryo Coordination

Embryo Donation

As the only agency in the industry offering this service, Donor Nexus is proud to share our newest program offering, Independent Match Embryo Coordination, which will assist embryo donors and recipients who have found each other on their own.

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