Find Your Tribe: Join a Donor Egg Support Group Apr 23, 2024 | by Donor Nexus

Find Your Tribe: Donor Egg Support Groups

As part of National Infertility Awareness Week (NIAW) and the theme of “#MARKYourSupport” for Day 2 of the 5-Day Challenge, we’re excited to spotlight a few of the incredible support options available within our community, especially for those considering or using donor eggs or embryos.

What Are Donor Egg Support Groups?

Support groups are online communities typically created by someone who has experienced infertility themselves and felt inspired to create a space to help others as they navigate similar journeys. There are quite a few in-person and virtual donor egg support groups available covering almost any topic that you can imagine — from deciding to use donor eggs to raising a donor-conceived child and everything in between. These groups offer a deeply empathetic and supportive environment, providing a confidential, safe space for members to discuss their shared experiences and support one another.

Top Virtual Support Groups for Donor Egg Recipients

Here’s a closer look at some leading virtual donor egg support groups that provide invaluable community and resources.

1. Infertility Unfiltered

The Infertility Unfiltered support series feature different speakers – including doctors, industry professionals, and mentors – covering a wide range of topics related to infertility and donor conception. They also offer a community membership option to access their private virtual community. 

Infertility Unfiltered offers four main support series:

  • Journey to Motherhood Series: Women experiencing infertility who do not currently have any living children.
  • Donor Conception Journey Series: Intended parents via donor conception and their partner or support person. This class focuses on the journey to become a parent via donor conception. 
  • Donor Conception Destination Series: Intended parents or parents via donor conception and their partner or support person. This class focuses on loving, supporting and parenting a donor-conceived child. 
  • Pregnancy After Infertility: This series is for women who experienced infertility and are now pregnant.

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2. The Hopeful Mama Foundation

The Hopeful Mama Foundation offers free virtual support groups that meet biweekly on Mondays. The support groups offer a space for connection, provide emotional safety and confidentiality while offering support to one another.

The Hopeful Mama support groups are specifically for females having experienced or currently experiencing infertility. 

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3. Paths to Parenthub 

Paths to Parenthub provides extensive emotional support and resources for those embarking on the donor conception journey. This includes webinars, a comprehensive support package, and a private networking group.

Additionally, they offer a specific membership tailored to the LGBTQ+ community, offering all of the above perks and covering specific considerations relevant to donor conception as an LGBTQ+ family.

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What Are the Benefits of Joining a Support Group?

  • Shared experiences and empathetic understanding
  • Emotional support and confidentiality
  • Advice and encouragement from peers
  • Opportunities for personal reflection and sharing
  • Building friendships and supporting one another

Bonus Tip: Seek Opportunities to Get Connected Locally

Ask your fertility clinic for recommendations on local organizations or support groups to get connected locally with in-person meetings!

It Takes a Village: You're Not Alone

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Remember, you’re not alone — there’s a whole community ready to support you through every step of your journey.

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For more information and a comprehensive list of support groups, check out RESOLVE's Support Group Directory.



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