Embryo Donation Abroad

Embryo Donation Abroad

Thank you for your interest in our embryo donation abroad program, welcoming international patients to access our wide selection of high-quality frozen donor embryos for their IVF treatments. Our donor embryo cycles start at $9,400 USD.

If you are interested in using donor embryos, Donor Nexus is a top-rated embryo donation agency with extensive knowledge and expertise in coordinating donor embryo cycles for international patients.

Welcoming International Patients to Southern California

For the embryo transfer, you will be required to spend a total of four days in Southern California. Donor Nexus is located in Newport Beach, California. If you are not familiar, Newport Beach is a beautiful coastal city in Southern California near Los Angeles. Donated frozen embryos are stored in our laboratories at our partner fertility clinics in Southern California and cannot be shipped to other clinics. We warmly welcome donor embryo recipients to Southern California to complete their frozen embryo transfer.

Flexible Options, Tailored to Your Unique Needs

In addition to anonymous embryo donation, we also facilitate open ID embryo donations when preferred by both parties. Ultimately, we aim to fulfill the wishes of both donor embryos and donor recipients. In our embryo donor database, you will notice we have several embryos available where the donors would like to establish contact with the recipients. This allows for a known embryo donation, which is similar to embryo adoption while maintaining affordability and less complicated legal issues. If you have any additional questions about the differences between embryo adoption and donation, you can find more information here.

Alternative Option: Donor Nexus Ships Frozen Donor Eggs Worldwide

If you are interested in using frozen donor eggs, we are able to ship frozen eggs internationally. Learn more on our Frozen Donor Egg Program Page.

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We currently have over 200 donor embryos available to be matched with interested recipients. We offer free access to our database on our website and our free app. To get started, create your free account now!

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