Success Rates

Donor Nexus Success Rates

Donor Nexus works with only the top performing IVF clinics in the US to offer superior outcomes for our patients.

Listed below are our success rates from January 2012 – January 2022.


Donor Embryo Cycle Success Rates

(All embryo transfers performed at HRC Fertility)
  • Positive Pregnancy: 69.5%
  • On-Going Pregnancy Rate: 49.0%
*Donor embryo success rates are partially dependent on the quality and stage of the embryo(s) when frozen. LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR DONOR EMBRYO CYCLES



One-on-One Fresh Egg Donor Cycle Success Rates

  • Combined Fresh and Frozen Embryo Transfer Positive Pregnancy Rate: 79.4%
  • Combined Fresh and Frozen Transfer On-Going Pregnancy/Live Birth Rate: 67.6%
  • Average Number of Eggs Retrieved from Donor: 27.4




Donor Nexus Egg Bank (DNEB) Frozen Donor Egg Cycle Success Rates

Per cohort of 6 frozen mature eggs 

  • Positive Pregnancies: 63.5%
  • Live Birth Rate: 48.5%
Learn more about our Frozen Donor Egg cycles



Success Rates Compared to the National Average

2019 National Statistics

Live Birth Success Rates Using Eggs or Embryos from a Donor

The Donor Nexus success rates for IVF cycles using donor eggs or donor embryos, compared to the national average.
  • Center for Disease Control (CDC) National Averages – Live Birth Rates*
    •  Fresh Donor Eggs: 53.9%
    •  Frozen Donor Eggs: 45.8%
    •  Donated Embryos: 44.4%


  • Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology (SART) Final National Report – Live Birth Rates**
    •  Fresh Donor Eggs: 44.7%
    •  Frozen Donor Eggs: 40.5%
    •  Donated Embryos: 43.6%



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