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Mother Via Donor Eggs Shares Her Pregnancy Experiences

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*VIDEO* "Using donor eggs to get pregnant isn’t something you can really understand until you have gone through it. I went from feeling like the most unlucky person in the world to the absolute luckiest."

Victoria’s Successful Journey to Baby #2

Donor Eggs Donor Egg Success Stories Frozen Donor Eggs Intended Parent Stories

In this frozen donor egg success story testimonial, a special mother shares her experience with the Donor Nexus Egg Bank.

Beautiful Baby Boy Born Via Frozen Donor Egg

Donor Eggs Frozen Donor Eggs Intended Parent Stories

We are thrilled to share the news of the arrival of baby Vaun Lunnen Niño, born February 26th, 2023. We are honored to be a part of the journey of this beautiful family of 4!

Pen Pals: Letters Between an Intended Parent an Egg Donor

Donor Eggs Intended Parent Stories

"I really want you to know how extraordinarily grateful I am to you for giving me this opportunity to live a dream that was born so long ago. I wish you all the happiness in the world and may one day you have a family of your own and feel the love and excitement motherhood brings.”

Finding Hope: An Intended Parent and Egg Donor Meeting

Intended Parent Stories

"There is a loving mother who has yearned to complete her family for years and now, because of her selfless act, she has hope that it is possible!"

Finding Common Ground: An Intended Parent & Egg Donor Meeting

Intended Parent Stories

Our recent intended parent-egg donor meeting was with a single mother who wanted an anonymous egg donation but also wanted to meet her egg donor in person. She felt a deep connection to the donor and wanted the opportunity to get to know her better in-person.

Baby Announcement: Twin Girls Born Via Embryo Donation!

Embryo Donation Intended Parent Stories

Congratulations to this Intended Parent who recently had twins using donor embryos IVF!

Finding Hope After Failed IVF: Sandy's Journey to Parenthood

Donor Eggs Intended Parent Stories

"My experience with everyone at HRC and Donor Nexus was amazing. I could not have asked for a better team of people to work with. I miss all them dearly and would highly recommend them to anyone looking to start their journey into motherhood."

From Cancer Survivor to New Mom: Mary's Inspiring Story

Intended Parent Stories

"I always wanted to be a Mother since I was a little girl....On October 2nd 2019 my beautiful, incredible, adorable son came into the world and God truly Blessed my family that day. Jaxon has completed me. There is no longer an emptiness within my soul."

Connecting Hearts: Facilitating Donor-Parent Meetings

Intended Parent Stories

We had the privilege of facilitating an in-person meeting between a set of intended parents from Australia and their egg donor. Read all about it here!

"The Story of a Frozen Princess"

Intended Parent Stories

Our amazing intended parents David and Cori share their beautiful journey using a donor embryo to start their family.

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