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Epigenetics: Donor Egg Recipient Mother's Influence Starts in the Womb

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Studies of epigenetics tell us that environmental factors from the birth mother’s body modify the gene expression, or what the gene does. Learn more about this fascinating concept in this blog and video post!

10 Tips to Nurture a Deep Bond With Your Donor Egg Baby

Donor Eggs Epigenetics

"Our bond is like nothing I could have ever imagined." In this guest post, a mother via egg donation shares 10 tips for bonding with your baby born via donor egg.

If I Use Donor Eggs, Will My Baby Look Like Me?

Donor Eggs Epigenetics

"Without her having my DNA, I still see so many parts of myself in her..." "Many things are biologically imprinted on your baby’s fetus during the development of his/her gene expression while in your womb.."

How to Accept Using Donor Eggs While Grieving Your Genetics

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"Before getting pregnant, I knew I had to change my perspective if I was going to be able to accept using donor eggs."

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