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Egg Donor Database featuring Ivy League Egg Donors, Beautiful Egg Donors, Model Egg Donors, Tall Egg Donors, Brazilian Egg Donors. Find an egg donor today!At Donor Nexus, we offer a Premier Egg Donor Program which features a diverse range of beautiful egg donors with a specific set of high-demand or desirable traits. 

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Our Premier Egg Donor Program

Our premier egg donors may be available for either a fresh one-on-one or a frozen donor egg cycle. Please inuqire with our team for additional information regarding your chosen egg donor.

» Premier Fresh Egg Donor Cycle, Starting at $38,500 USD

The Premier Fresh Egg Donor Cycle option is ideal for patients who have established care with a fertility clinic and are requesting a premier egg donor to travel to the clinic for a fresh cycle. To learn more, visit our Fresh Egg Donor Cycle Program Page.

» Premier Frozen Donor Egg Cycle, Starting at $29,500 USD

Additionally, we have several cohorts of frozen eggs available in our egg bank from premier egg donors. To learn more, visit our Frozen Donor Egg Bank Program Page.

Who Are Donor Nexus' Premier Egg Donors?

Among the premier egg donors featured in our online database, you may find...

Harvard Graduates • University Professors • Aerospace Engineers • Molecular Genetic Scientists • Attorneys • Miss Universe Finalists • Models • Athletes

We are proud to work with egg donors from around the world to provide you with the opportunity to find your ideal match. For a donor to qualify into our Premier Program, we look at a few different factors. Generally, a premier egg donor may fall into one or more of the following categories:


1. Academically Gifted / Higher Education / Ivy League Egg Donors

It's fairly common for intended parents to seek an egg donor who has prioritized her education as this demonstrates an ambitious personality among other admirable characteristics. Many of our premier egg donors have earned or are pursuing advanced degrees, exhibit high test scores, or have graduated from an Ivy League university. As you browse our online donor database, you will find that many profiles share insights into the donor's academic history including highest level of education, high school/college GPA, SAT scores, ACT scores, and more.

2. Model Egg Donors

As you browse through our egg donor database, you will find many beautiful egg donors involved in various lines of work, including models, beauty pageant winners, social media influencers, actresses, and more. Our model egg donors live throughout the United States and internationally, including many who live in Brazil. If you are seeking a Brazilian egg donor, our database currently features over 30 egg donors from Brazil. Many intended parents may seek a model egg donor for specific physical attributes, such as being tall. If you are seeking a tall egg donor, you will find the donor's height listed in her online profile. Aside from being beautiful egg donors, these women lead healthy and fit lifestyles and possess admirable personality traits such as a hard work ethic and self-discpline.

3. Rare Ethnicities

Many intended parents feel that it is important to find an egg donor with a similar family heritage to their own. With this being said, there are certain ethnicities which may be in higher demand, including donors of Asian descent, as the pool of available donors is typically smaller. 

Additional Considerations When Selecting a Premier Egg Donor

When considering a premier egg donor, we often suggest that you speak with your fertility physician prior to securing the donor to ensure that your IVF clinic is aware of the egg donor's time and travel restrictions and approves the egg donor. If you have not established care with a fertility clinic, we would be happy to refer you to a clinic we have worked with previously. Below, we share important factors to consider when choosing a premier egg donor.

Timeline »

Premier egg donors often have very busy schedules. They are full-time working models, professional athletes, or busy graduate students balancing school, research, and a full time job. It is important that the intended parent(s) understands time is of the essence. These egg donors do not have 3-4 months to complete the cycle. The cycle needs to move quickly. Our working models have to forgo jobs while they are in the process of cycling.

Language »

Some of our premier egg donors speak English as a second language. If you request a Zoom call or phone call with the egg donor, we will provide a translator to help facilitate the call. We also use this same translator for the egg donors prescreen evaluations with the clinic, psychologist, and lawyers.

Zika »

If an egg donor has residence in, or traveled to, an area with an increased risk for Zika transmission within the past 6 months, the egg donor is ineligible to donate as an ANONYMOUS donor. According to the CDC (as of September 2023), no areas are currently reporting Zika outbreaks in the world. The egg donors are eligible as long as the donation is Directed/Open. This means the intended parent(s) and the egg donor will share identifiable information and meet over a Zoom call. The intended parents fertility clinic will likely test the egg donor for ZIKA at medical screening just to be safe.

Brazilian Egg Donors »

There are two options for intended parents who are interested in using an egg donor who lives in Brazil.

1. Travel to Sao Paulo, Brazil for the IVF cycle. We work closely with Huntington Clinic. Dr Eduardo Leme Alves da Motta co-founded the clinic in 1995 after returning to Brazil from his time spent in California at Huntington Reproductive Center (now HRC Fertility). Although there are additional fees incurred by the recipient to travel to Brazil, the overall cost of IVF in Brazil is approximately 1/3 the cost of IVF treatment in the USA.

2. Freeze and ship the donor eggs to your desired clinic. We can cycle the egg donor and freeze her eggs in Sao Paulo before shipping the eggs to your desired IVF clinic. Before confirming the cycle, we would require clinic approval. 


Removing Financial Obstacles On Your Path to Parenthood 

There are additional fees associated with premier egg donors as they require higher donor compensation and may incur additional travel expenses. Additionally, we partner with CapexMD to provide our patients with access to fertility loans. Please contact us to get more detailed information about the cost of a specific premier egg donor.

We're Here to Support You Every Step of the Way

At Donor Nexus, we are passionate about helping create families and honored to be a part of your journey. We understand the importance of establishing trust as we support you throughout this monumental time in your life and we're happy to offer you a free consultation call to discover if we're the best egg donor agency for you. To request a call or discuss moving forward with a donor, please get in touch using the form on the bottom of this page.

Interested in Learning More?

We welcome you to read through stories and testimonials from our intended parents and browse our blog to explore topics covering the emotional, physical, and financial aspects of using an egg donor. We look forward to assisting you!

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