About Donor Nexus

Our Mission

Donor Nexus is an egg and embryo donation agency located in Newport Beach, Southern California, working with donors and recipients worldwide. Our mission is to make high quality donor egg and donor embryo treatments affordable and accessible to any couple or individual seeking to start or grow their families.

What We Do

Donor Nexus provides access to fresh egg donors, frozen donor eggs, and donated embryos to be used by recipients in an IVF treatment. For our donor egg cycles, we provide opportunities for interested recipients to select a fresh egg donor for a one-on-one match or select frozen donor eggs from the Donor Nexus egg bank.

Interested recipients receive free access to our comprehensive egg donor database, featuring a diverse selection of available egg donors and frozen donor eggs ready to be matched. As a third-party agency, we work with your chosen fertility clinic to coordinate your donor egg cycle. Our frozen donor eggs are located at HRC Fertility, one of the leading fertility clinics in egg freezing and thawing, and can be shipped throughout the USA and internationally

For our donor embryo cycles, we provide interested recipients with access to our online database listing available donated embryos in a profile format. Our donor embryo program offers access to a diverse range of donor embryos at an affordable cost. Our donor embryo cycles are performed at HRC Fertility, which provides our patients with superior outcomes as HRC Fertility is ranked among the top nationwide. 

Our Values

Highest Standard of Care and Compassion

We are committed to providing all egg donors, embryo donors, and recipients with a personalized experience. We work diligently with each patient to make the process as smooth as possible for all parties involved. As soon as you get started with Donor Nexus, you will have a dedicated Case Manager who will be there to address your concerns and guide you throughout the entire process.


Donor Nexus supports the right of all loving families to access care including traditional married couples, unmarried couples, same-sex couples and individuals seeking a single parent family. Additionally, we gladly welcome egg donors from a diverse range of ethnicities and backgrounds to participate in our egg donor program. Lastly, we respectfully manage donated eggs and embryos according to religious or other preferences of the donating individual(s).


We offer options for anonymous, semi-open, or open donations depending on the wishes of the donors and the recipients. While most of our egg and embryo donors choose anonymous donations, we have also included options for known and semi-known donations to ensure that our program can be tailored to fit the specific desires of couples and individuals donating eggs or embryos and all loving recipients.

Access to Industry-Leading Donor Database

We provide all interested recipients with free access to the Donor Nexus online donor database to browse through profiles of egg donors and donated embryos at their convenience. We keep the donor database up-to-date and aim to provide interested recipients with any information needed to help them in finding the perfect match. If you would like to request additional information about a specific donor, get in touch with our team and we will do our best to assist you.

Partnering with Top Fertility Clinics and IVF Physicians

At Donor Nexus, we partner with top fertility clinics and IVF physicians. We are dedicated to providing not only affordable egg and embryo donation treatments, but also providing superior outcomes by utilizing only the most elite IVF physicians and laboratories. If you have already established care, we are glad to work with your chosen fertility clinic.

We Are Here For You

We understand the deeply personal nature of the process for both donors and recipients, which is why we are here to help guide you through your journey to the best of our ability. We are happy to answer questions and share resources to empower intended parents and egg donors on their unique journeys. If you’re not sure where to start, send us over your contact information and we will be in touch to schedule your free consultation call.

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