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Deciding Between First-Time and Proven Egg Donors

In this blog, we discuss important factors that should be taken into consideration, such as success rates and what the reality of going through a cycle with both first-time and proven donors tends to look like from our experience. 

New Program Announcement! Independent Match Embryo Coordination

As the only agency in the industry offering this service, Donor Nexus is proud to share our newest program offering, Independent Match Embryo Coordination, which will assist embryo donors and recipients who have found each other on their own.

How Commercial Genetic Testing Affects "Anonymous" Egg Donation

In this blog, we discuss the implications of commercial genetic testing technology on anonymous egg donation and embryo donation. Learn more!

What Your AMH Levels Mean (for Egg Donors)

AMH testing is used to help measure your ovarian reserve (remaining egg supply). In this blog, we cover everything egg donors need to know about AMH levels and the AMH blood test which is typically required for new donors.

National Infertility Awareness Week 2021

Mark your calendars! This year, National Infertility Awareness Week (NIAW) is April 18-24th. Founded in 1989 by RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association, NIAW is the largest public awareness campaign that addresses infertility. 

Getting the COVID-19 Vaccination While Pregnant

Original post: February 10th, 2021. Pregnant and considering the COVID-19 vaccination? In this blog, we've compiled all available research regarding COVID-19 vaccine and pregnancy.

Donor Nexus Partners With Family Equality

Donor Nexus has been welcoming and offering family-building solutions to LGBTQ+ community members since our establishment in 2012. Now, we are excited to announce our partnership with Family Equality, an organization that is fighting to protect and support LGBTQ+ families.

Egg Donor is a Genetic Carrier: What You Need to Know

As you browse through the Donor Nexus egg donor database, you’ve likely come across several profiles that indicate that the egg donor is a genetic carrier of a certain condition. This may sound alarming to intended parents at first, which is why we are here to explain what exactly it means.

An Overview of Embryo Grading at Donor Nexus

The grading of an embryo is determined by the embryologist at the time the embryo is frozen. It is a method used to evaluate the quality of the embryo. Donor Nexus partners with HRC Fertility, whose embryo grading is as follows.

Our Donor Embryo Success Rates for the First Half of 2020

The first half of 2020 has been such a challenging time for so many of us. With many fertility clinics closing and patients being unable to start medications, there has been a lot of uncertainty for patients seeking treatment.

Tips for Telling Your Child They Are Donor Conceived

The most important point to make when talking to your child about their conception is letting them know how deeply loved and wanted they are. So much so, that an entire team of people came together to bring them into existence and into your family.

Does Egg Donor Blood Type Matter?

The egg donor’s blood type does not impact the IVF cycle or the health of the child. However, there are circumstances in which the blood type is important. Learn more!

Donor Embryo Cost Breakdown: Donation vs. Adoption

In this blog, we provide an overview of embryo donation costs compared to embryo adoption costs. Learn more!

Anonymous vs. Open Embryo Donation: What Are My Options?

At Donor Nexus, our flexible embryo donation program offers anonymous and open embryo donation. We also provide “in-between” options to satisfy the wishes of both the embryo donors (donor parents) and the recipients (intended parents). Learn more about your options in this blog post!

Why I Decided to be an Egg Donor (VIDEO)

"Parents that embark on on this experience — that go down the road of egg donation — they’re so ready. They are so prepared to love and care for these children..."

NIAW: National Infertility Awareness Week 2020

As an avid supporter of RESOLVE, Donor Nexus is proud to participate in the #ChangeTheConversation campaign and do our part to spread awareness, advocacy, and compassion regarding infertility.

Baby Announcement: Twin Girls Born Via Embryo Donation!

Congratulations to this Intended Parent who recently had twins using donor embryos IVF!

Sandy's Journey to Parenthood

"My experience with everyone at HRC and Donor Nexus was amazing. I could not have asked for a better team of people to work with. I miss all them dearly and would highly recommend them to anyone looking to start their journey into motherhood."

Egg Donor Experience by Donor J (VIDEO)

In this video, 8-time egg donor Jenny shares her experience with conceiving shortly after donating eggs. Spoiler alert: baby on the way!

Information for Pregnant Patients Regarding COVID-19

Original Post: March 20th, 2020. For updated information regarding the COVID-19 vaccination and pregnancy/fertility, visit:

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