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Navigating Donor Conception: Understanding Privacy vs. Secrecy

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Deciding what to share with others can be a delicate balancing act between privacy and secrecy. In this blog, we share some tips for finding a balance that works for you.

Explaining Donor Conception to Your Child: Dos and Don'ts

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While each family must choose what feels right for them, we’re here to share some helpful dos and don'ts to help guide you through the process.

Navigating the Holidays While Pursuing Donor Egg IVF

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If you are currently pursuing IVF with donor eggs or donor embryos, here are some tips to help you get through the holidays with more ease and joy.

Grieving Your Genetics and Embracing Donor Eggs

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"We don’t have children to make “mini-me’s” out of ourselves, that’s not the point of reproducing or a reason to grow a family. We have children to be uniquely themselves..."

Donor Nexus Launches New Program For Egg Donors

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We're proud to announce our new program offering for egg donors – The Donor Nexus Futures Program! Freeze your eggs for free when you donate half to be used by another family. Learn more!

Donor Nexus Honors Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month

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October recognizes Pregnancy and Infant Loss. If someone you know or yourself have experienced the loss of a child to stillbirth, miscarriage, SIDS, please join Donor Nexus in raising awareness around pregnancy loss. 

How to Overcome Your Fear of Needles

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Egg donation involves a series of self-injections and in-clinic blood draws that can make the process less than fun. Luckily, there are some things you can do to reduce your needle anxiety and reduce pain with injections.

Deciding Between First-Time and Proven Egg Donors

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In this blog, we discuss important factors that should be taken into consideration, such as success rates and what the reality of going through a cycle with both first-time and proven donors tends to look like from our experience. 

5 Ways to Care for Your Body When Donating Eggs

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Your physical and mental state are important when you are completing an egg donation cycle. Learn some tips here!

5 Ways to Make Bloating Go Away After Egg Retrieval

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Bloating is a common side effect of egg donation. Whether you are in the midst of a cycle, or just completed an egg retrieval, we are here to share some tips to help relieve the bloating.

How Important is Eye Color When Selecting an Egg Donor?

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Of all the things to imagine when daydreaming about your future baby, eye color may be one of the most common things for parents to envision. For some intended parent(s), eye color may be a big deciding factor in which egg donor to choose. Let's discuss the complex factors that go into eye color.

7 Ways I Learned to Cope With Infertility Grief

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Grieving infertility and accepting using donor eggs is a unique and challenging experience. In this blog and video, infertility advocate Victoria Nino shares her experience.

If I Donate Eggs, Is the Child Biologically Mine?

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As you consider the impact of your decision to donate eggs, it's natural to wonder about the biological connection between you and the child(ren) born from your donated eggs. Learn all about it in this blog!

Frozen Egg Banking vs. One-on-One Cycle

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In this video, we explain the difference between participating in a Frozen Egg Banking Cycle compared to a One-on-One Cycle for egg donors.

Fresh vs. Frozen Donor Eggs: Which to Choose?

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Originally the only option available, using fresh donor eggs is still a popular option today. However, using frozen donor eggs has also been growing in popularity over the past decade due to advancements in egg freezing technology. We compare both options to help you make an informed decision.

Why Choose a Boutique Egg Bank?

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As a boutique egg bank, Donor Nexus is able to provide personalized care and support to our patients throughout their unique journeys. Learn more!

What if My Ideal Egg Donor Is a Genetic Carrier?

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As you browse through the Donor Nexus egg donor database, you’ve likely come across several profiles that indicate that the egg donor is a genetic carrier of a certain condition. This may sound alarming to intended parents at first, which is why we are here to explain what exactly it means.

World IVF Day 2023

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July 25th is World IVF Day, giving us the opportunity to honor the incredible work of embryologists past and present. In this blog, we take a fascinating look at a timeline of breakthroughs in IVF which made it possible for us to do what we do today!

Mother Via Egg Donation Shares Her Pregnancy Experiences

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*VIDEO* "Using donor eggs to get pregnant isn’t something you can really understand until you have gone through it. I went from feeling like the most unlucky person in the world to the absolute luckiest."

What Is a Sibling Cycle?

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A "sibling cycle" refers to a second egg donation with a set of intended parents that you’ve previously donated with. Learn more!

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