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Epigenetics and Donor Eggs: Exploring the Connection

Epigenetics shows us that there is a scientific connection between a mother using donor eggs & her baby. In this blog, we explore the connection and hear from a DEIVF mother who has experienced it firsthand.

7 Ways to Prioritize Your Health & Wellbeing

It's National Women's Health Week! This is the perfect opportunity to slow down and focus on your health and wellbeing. To help you get started, we're sharing 7 tips to live your healthiest, happiest life.

Mother’s Day and Infertility: 5 Tips for Finding Peace

For hopeful mothers facing infertility, Mother's Day can be tough. In this blog, we share a few simple tips to keep in mind this Mother’s Day.

3 Reasons Why We Love and Support NIAW

NIAW is a movement which raises awareness about infertility and provides support for those affected by it. In this blog, we share 3 reasons why we love and support NIAW!

5 Ways to Get Involved & Raise Awareness During NIAW®

Get ready, it’s almost National Infertility Awareness Week! NIAW 2023 is April 23rd - April 29th. As a proud partner of RESOLVE, we are gearing up for another impactful week of raising awareness and removing stigmas surrounding infertility. We hope you'll join us!

6 Common Egg Donation Disqualifiers for Donors

Egg donation is a highly regulated process and not all women who wish to be egg donors are eligible to do so. In this blog, we explore 6 of the most common disqualifications for egg donors.

March is Endometriosis Awareness Month

Did you know that endometriosis affects approximately 1 in 10 women of reproductive age? In this blog, we explore the correlation between endometriosis, infertility and egg quality.

Beautiful Baby Boy Born Via Frozen Donor Egg

We are thrilled to share the news of the arrival of baby Vaun Lunnen Niño, born February 26th, 2023. We are honored to be a part of the journey of this beautiful family of 4!

Comparing Fresh vs. Frozen Donor Eggs for IVF

Originally the only option available, using fresh donor eggs is still a popular option today. However, using frozen donor eggs has also been growing in popularity over the past decade due to advancements in egg freezing technology. We compare both options to help you make an informed decision.

New Program Announcement: Surrogacy

Donor Nexus is excited to announce that we now officially offer a Surrogacy Program. Learn more!

Egg Donor Age Limits: What You Should Know

In this blog, we discuss how old you have to be to donate eggs, explain egg donor age limits, and explore the correlation between age and egg quality. 

Are Egg Donors Required to Be Vaccinated?

Given what we’ve all experienced these past few years with COVID-19, it’s becoming more common for intended parents to wonder whether or not an egg donor has received the COVID-19 vaccination and/or booster shots.

What is a Recessive Gene?

In this video, we explain recessive genes using the Punnett Square.

Egg Retrieval Procedure: What to Expect

In this video, an egg donor shares insights about what the egg retrieval procedure is like.

What is an Outside Monitoring Clinic?

In this video, we explain to potential egg donors what it means when you hear "outside monitoring clinic".

What is Genetic Compatibility?

Part of the fertility clinic’s pre-screening is to confirm that you are genetically compatible with the sperm provider.

Frozen Egg Banking vs. One-on-One Cycle (For Egg Donors)

In this video, we explain the difference between participating in a Frozen Egg Banking Cycle compared to a One-on-One Cycle for egg donors.

A Day in the Life of an Egg Donor (Video Series)

In this "Day in the Life" video series, an egg donor takes you through a step-by-step process of donating eggs with Donor Nexus.

5 Ways to Make Bloating Go Away After Egg Retrieval

Bloating is a common side effect of egg donation. Whether you are in the midst of a cycle, or just completed an egg retrieval, we are here to share some tips to help relieve the bloating.

4 Tips for Preparing to Receive Donor Eggs

When preparing for donor egg IVF, there are many simple lifestyle changes that you can begin focusing on right away to improve your chances of success. Here are our top 4 tips for preparing to receive donor eggs or donor embryos!

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