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7 Tips for Recovery After Egg Retrieval

Egg Donor Resources

At Donor Nexus, we aim to make your egg retrieval recovery experience as smooth and comfortable as possible. To help ensure you return to your daily life feeling your best, we’re here to share 7 tips for recovery after egg retrieval. Let’s jump in!

Find Your Tribe: Join a Donor Egg Support Group

Donor Conception Donor Eggs Embryo Donation

In this blog, we explore donor egg support groups and other resources to provide guidance and community on your donor conception journey.

NIAW Day 1: #ReMARKableStories

Donor Egg Success Stories

Day 1 of this year's 5 Day Challenge is #ReMARKableStories — and we're here for it! In this blog, we share a few inspirational stories by intended parents.

Epigenetics: Donor Egg Recipient Mother's Influence Starts in the Womb

Donor Eggs Epigenetics Intended Parent Resources

Studies of epigenetics tell us that environmental factors from the birth mother’s body modify the gene expression, or what the gene does. Learn more about this fascinating concept in this blog and video post!

What Are My Options for Unused Embryos After IVF?

Donor Eggs Embryo Donation Intended Parent Resources

If you're undecided on what to do with leftover embryos after IVF, you're not alone. Studies show that roughly 40% of patients are unsure of what to do with leftover embryos after IVF. It can be an overwhelming and emotional decision to make...

What to Eat After Egg Retrieval to Speed Up Recovery

Egg Donor Resources Intended Parent Resources

What you eat after egg retrieval can significantly impact your recovery, comfort, and overall well-being. Find a list of foods, snacks, and meals in this blog!

Things to Keep in Perspective When Choosing an Egg Donor

Donor Eggs Intended Parent Resources

"Now that I have a child via egg donation, I have no doubt what’s most important, and I can tell you it is certainly not eye color. I’m not saying to just pick anyone, it’s totally normal to want to find a resemblance of yourself in the donor, just don’t obsess over it..."

10 Tips to Nurture a Deep Bond With Your Donor Egg Baby

Donor Eggs Epigenetics

"Our bond is like nothing I could have ever imagined." In this guest post, a mother via egg donation shares 10 tips for bonding with your baby born via donor egg.

Finding Hope: Endometriosis, Infertility and Donor Egg IVF

Donor Eggs Intended Parent Resources

Endometriosis is more common than you may think – affecting approximately 1 in 10 women of reproductive age, which is about 190 million women globally. By bringing more attention to endometriosis, we aim to foster a more empathetic environment where these women feel seen, validated, and supported.

Understanding BMI Requirements for Egg Donation

Egg Donor Resources

In this blog post, we'll discuss why BMI matters for egg donation and offer tips to help you achieve a healthy BMI if you're considering becoming an egg donor.

Can You Donate Eggs If Your Tubes Are Tied?

Egg Donor Resources

If you're considering egg donation but have undergone tubal ligation, commonly known as having your tubes tied, you may wonder if you're still eligible to donate eggs. The short answer? Yes, it's possible, and here's why.

Egg Donor Pay: Exploring Compensation Options (2024)

Egg Donor Resources

In this blog, we’ll talk about factors that influence egg donation pay, take a transparent look at our compensation packages, and explore the intrinsic motivators and rewards that our donors experience.

Pros and Cons of Donating Eggs (From Firsthand Experiences)

Egg Donor Resources

In this blog, we give a clear breakdown of the benefits and challenges of egg donation. These lists were compiled from actual egg donor experiences to deepen your understanding of the process, requirements, and potential side effects.

Breaking Down the Costs: Embryo Adoption vs. Embryo Donation

Embryo Donation Intended Parent Resources

In this blog, we break down the costs of using donor embryos in IVF and compare the costs associated with embryo donation to the costs associated with embryo adoption. Let's dive in!

If I Use Donor Eggs, Will My Baby Look Like Me?

Donor Eggs Epigenetics

"Without her having my DNA, I still see so many parts of myself in her..." "Many things are biologically imprinted on your baby’s fetus during the development of his/her gene expression while in your womb.."

3 Key Factors to Prioritize When Choosing an Egg Donor

Donor Eggs Intended Parent Resources

DEIVF mom shares her personal experience and lessons learned. "When choosing an egg donor, it's easy to get swept away by personality or physical attributes, but these 3 factors shouldn't be overlooked..."

Victoria’s Successful Journey to Baby #2

Donor Eggs Donor Egg Success Stories Frozen Donor Eggs Intended Parent Stories

In this frozen donor egg success story testimonial, a special mother shares her experience with the Donor Nexus Egg Bank.

Side Effects of Egg Donation: What to Expect

Egg Donor Resources

In this blog, we cover all the possible side effects of egg donation and address concerns for potential long-term risks. Learn more!

Fresh vs. Frozen Donor Eggs: Deciding Which Route to Take

Frozen Donor Eggs Fresh Egg Donation Intended Parent Resources

Deciding between fresh vs. frozen donor eggs has many considerations. We cover everything you need to know in this blog - success rates, costs, and more.

Understanding Anonymous vs. Open ID Embryo Donation

Embryo Donation

Our embryo donation program offers anonymous or open ID options to allow the donor(s) and recipient(s) to have the relationship they desire. Learn more!

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