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Cohort of 6 Frozen Donor Eggs Starting at $19,500 USD

At Donor Nexus Egg Bank, we provide a cohort of frozen donor eggs from your chosen egg donor, which are shipped to your designated fertility clinic. Our cohorts vary depending on the number of eggs available from the specific donor but generally come in cohorts of six.

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Donor Nexus offers a Blastocyst Embryo Guarantee with Frozen Donor Egg Cycles. Learn more!Blastocyst Embryo Guarantee

For each cohort of six frozen donor eggs, you are guaranteed one blastocyst embryo for either transfer or freeze by day seven. If this guarantee is not met, we will ship a second batch of frozen donor eggs at no additional cost (terms and conditions apply - see details below).

What Sets Our Donor Egg Bank Apart?

  Fresh or Frozen Eggs

Access both fresh egg donors and frozen donor eggs to suit your unique needs. 

Fresh egg donors are willing to travel for the cycle, or we ship frozen donor eggs to your designated fertility clinic.

 Nonidentified or Open ID

Choose from nonidentified or open ID donations. The donor's preferences are listed on her online profile for you to see upfront. We also offer customizable "in-between" options.

 High Success Rates

Pregnancy Rate: 63.5%  —  Live Birth Rate: 48.5% (per cohort of 6 frozen donor eggs, 2012-2022)

Our egg bank utilizes advanced vitrification techniques delivered by experienced physicians in a state-of-the-art laboratory, ensuring superior outcomes. All frozen donor eggs in our egg bank are from thoroughly screened donors.  

 Quality Over Quantity

Our donor egg bank only freezes mature eggs of good quality, ensuring we provide the best possible options on our database. Eggs are retrieved, vitrified, and stored at the same site. This ensures that when the eggs are shipped to you, they are only transported once, maintaining their quality.

Additionally, our top-rated egg donor programs attract high-quality donors from around the world. 

 Comprehensive Donor Profiles

Easily access detailed donor profiles that include medical, genetic, and family history, along with many photos and insights into education, personality, and more. Download a comprehensive donor profile PDF for fresh or frozen donor egg profiles you are interested in.

 Personalized "Boutique" Experience

Experience our signature "boutique" personalized service, dedicated to supporting you every step of the way. We offer free consultations to help guide you in making the best decision based on your specific situation.


Taking the Guesswork Out of Growing Your Family

The Donor Nexus frozen egg donor database features profiles of frozen donor eggs available in our egg bank in California. We can ship worldwide. Register now to get started!

Select a Frozen Donor Egg Profile

Browse our database to view frozen donor egg profiles available in our egg bank. Once you've narrowed down your search, or if you have any additional questions, we are happy to discuss options and next steps with you.

Boutique frozen egg bank in California shipping frozen donor eggs worldwide. Boutique experience, endless possibilities. Start your journey today!

We Ship the Frozen Eggs to Your IVF Clinic

After the paperwork and funds are complete, we will arrange the transportation of the frozen eggs to your designated clinic. We coordinate closely to ensure a smooth transfer from our laboratory to theirs.

Donor Nexus provides access to frozen donor eggs which can be shipped to IVF clinics worldwide. High-quality, Blastocyst Embryo Guarantee (terms and conditions apply), Flexible options. Learn more!

Use Frozen Donor Eggs for an IVF Cycle

Once the frozen eggs arrive at your clinic, the rest of the process is in their hands, but we are still here to support you in any way we can.

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Frozen Donor Eggs Help Make Family Dreams Come True

Find hope in this one (of many) frozen donor egg success stories by Victoria Nino from Orange County, California.

Donor Nexus is a boutique donor egg bank in Newport Beach, California, working with intended parents and donors worldwide. Visit our website to learn more!

"As a boutique egg bank, we take pride in offering a personalized and compassionate approach to egg donation. Our goal is to make the process as simple and stress-free as possible, while providing exceptional care and support tailored to each family's unique needs."

- Lucy Solie-Vilker, Program Manager

Shipping Frozen Donor Eggs to IVF Clinics Worldwide

The Donor Nexus Egg Bank ships cohorts of frozen donor eggs to IVF clinics worldwide. Learn more!Through our exclusive partnership with Cryoport, the leading provider of temperature-controlled IVF shipping services, we can ship frozen donor eggs to your designated fertility clinic. You have up to six months from the time you secure the eggs to ship them to your clinic. See our pre-approved IVF clinic partners here.


Donor Nexus partners with Cryoport to ship frozen donor eggs to IVF clinics worldwide. Learn more!

Using Frozen Donor Eggs: Additional Information/FAQ

How many eggs do I get? »

Our cohorts vary depending on the number of eggs available from the specific donor but generally come in cohorts of six. 

How much do frozen donor eggs cost? »

A cohort of six frozen donor eggs starts at $19,500 USD. A cohort from a donor in our Premier Egg Donor Program starts at $29,500 USD. Some donors may have additional eggs available for an additional cost.

Frozen Donor Egg Guarantee »

For each cohort of six frozen donor eggs, we guarantee one blastocyst embryo for either transfer or freeze by day seven. If not met, we will ship a second batch of frozen donor eggs* at no additional cost. Please note, recipients are only eligible for a replacement batch with a confirmation of a normal semen analysis* from the IVF clinic. 

* If your selected egg donor does not have any frozen donor eggs available to be shipped, you may need to choose another egg donor.  

How do I know if I am eligible for a replacement batch?

A replacement cohort will be deemed eligible to ship after the IVF Clinic has provided Warming and Outcome Report, supporting documentation and confirmation of a normal semen analysis. A normal semen analysis must show > 1 million total progressively motile sperm.

Nonidentified or Open ID »

Within our unique program, we can facilitate Nonidentified or Open ID frozen egg donations, depending on the preferences/agreement between the donor and intended parent(s).

When opting for a Nonidentified Donation*, only non-identifying information will be shared for both parties in the contract. The intended parent will typically only view the donor’s profile through our online egg donor database. 

Open ID indicates that the donor is willing to have contact and release their identifying information with any donor-conceived individual of 18 years or older, if requested.

We are proud to offer flexibility within our programs, providing the egg donor and the intended parent(s) with the opportunity to address their desires. When browsing egg donor profiles on our database, the PDF profile includes the donor’s response on whether she is open to meeting the intended parent(s) via Zoom, telephone, etc. and whether she would be willing to meet the children in the future.

*Please note that although our team adheres to the highest standards to maintain donor and recipient confidentiality when facilitating the cycle, with advancements in commercial genetic testing, we counsel our egg donors and intended parents to understand that we cannot guarantee permanent anonymity in the future.

How are the eggs "frozen"? »

The donor eggs are technically not frozen – rather, they are vitrified. Egg vitrification is the most advanced technique of egg freezing available today. All frozen donor eggs in the Donor Nexus Egg Bank (DNEB) have been frozen via vitrification.

The process of vitrification involves reducing the temperature rapidly. This transforms the egg from a liquid state to a vitreous state instantaneously. The advantageous result of this modern technology is it limits the formation of ice crystals in the egg.

When eggs are frozen using older technology, the freezing occurs more slowly and heightens the risk of ice crystal formations. The ice crystals can subsequently destroy the structure of the cell. Vitrification allows eggs to be stored at -196 degrees Celsius (-320 Fahrenheit) with little or no effect on their function upon warming. At this temperature, all metabolic activity ceases and the eggs are essentially in ‘suspended animation’.

Where are the eggs vitrified and stored? »

The egg retrieval and vitrification process is carried out by the experienced team of physicians at HRC Fertility in Southern California. The laboratory team at HRC has been working with the vitrification process since its introduction and is one of the leading fertility clinics in egg freezing and thawing. Their expertise with this technique allows Donor Nexus to confidently offer frozen donor eggs to our patients with superior results.

Additionally, our retrieval site exceeds the standards established by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), College of American Pathologists (CAP), and California State Health Department Licensing Program.

How long is a frozen donor egg cycle? »

The length of time is dependent upon a few factors. Once funds and your contract are complete, we arrange for the transportation of the frozen donor eggs to your designated fertility clinic. You will make further arrangements with your fertility clinic. This typically ranges between 4 and 6 weeks.

How long does shipping the eggs take? »

Once we receive payment in full, we will begin coordinating shipping to your clinic. Typically, this can take up to 4 weeks, but it depends on when our lab can release and yours can accept the eggs.

Requesting additional testing »

What if my ideal egg donor has not been screened for a gene that the sperm provider is positive for?

If you would like to use frozen donor eggs from a donor who did not complete the same genetic testing as the sperm provider, we may be able to coordinate with the egg donor to schedule additional carrier screening, as long as she is willing. The intended parent(s) will be responsible for the cost of the testing plus additional fees. Inquire with our team for further details.


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