A Heartfelt Letter to Every DEIVF Mama-To-Be Mar 07, 2024 | by Victoria Nino, Guest Author

In this blog, two-time mother via donor egg, Victoria Nino, shares a heartfelt letter to new or soon-to-be DEIVF mothers. Victoria brings a unique and deeply personal perspective, having navigated the emotional journey of donor egg IVF herself twice. Victoria's letter is a testament to the profound love and connection that can grow from donor conception. She addresses the fears and anxieties that many prospective DEIVF mothers face, providing reassurance and hope. Her words are a reminder that the journey to parenthood, though challenging, is filled with incredible moments of joy and love.

Now, let's hear from Victoria!

A Letter to Every DEIVF Mama-To-Be

Mother via egg donation Victoria shares a heartfelt letter to future or new DEIVF mothers in this blog.

Dear DEIVF Mama-to-be, 

I know you are nervous. I know you are anxious. Excited yet worried. 

What you have been through to get to this point is hard, perhaps the hardest thing you have been through yet. 

I know how lonely you might feel, like no one will ever understand your heart. You have sacrificed everything for a baby who won’t have your DNA, yet still worry if you will be enough for your baby. 

But listen to me, sweet mama. When that baby finally makes its way to your arms, it will be better than anything you could have dreamt up. You will wonder how you ever questioned mothering via another woman’s DNA. I promise you this...your baby will know exactly who you are, and you will be more than enough. 

You will be EVERYTHING.

You ARE everything. 

This love is the most magical kind of love. A love with multiple layers. A love that comes with deep gratitude and soul searching. A love that isn’t assumed, it's fought hard for. A love born in your heart long ago and will continue to grow with your every breath. With every needle, legal document, and hard conversation, your love will grow. 

A love that will break you into a million pieces and will make you whole again - a stronger, more compassionate, resilient version. 

The sun, the moon, and the stars all had to come together to conspire a special plan just for you to help you find your way to this love. You were chosen for this little soul with great purpose. This baby chose YOU as their mama - what an honor that is. 

You will see Mama, you will see. 

This is a love you can’t possibly expect or see coming, but you will see. 

It will rock you.

It will save you.

It will change you.

And then it will become you. 

You ARE the love, mama; hold on to that. Your baby is you, and you are them. Your heart is where your baby was first born and will live forever more. 

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About the Author

Our friend Victoria Nino from @expectinganything is here to share her last blog in her series of guest blogs on donor conception. As a well-known advocate in the industry and mother via donor eggs herself, Victoria brings a special perspective to the table and helps parents navigate their unique journey using donor eggs. 

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This blog was originally published on November 29th, 2021.

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