How Long Is the Egg Donation Process From Start to Finish? Jan 16, 2024 | by Lucy Solie-Vilker, Program Director

When you’re considering donating your eggs, it’s important to know what the timeline looks like before deciding if it’s right for you. We’re here to answer the question, “How long is the egg donation process?” Meaning the entire process - from applying to going through the screening evaluations to completing the cycle and egg retrieval.

We’ll break down just how long each of those steps takes and explore the different options you have. Let’s dive right in!

How Long Is the Egg Donation Process?

Egg Donation Process Timeline: Egg Donation takes 8-12 weeks with the Donor Nexus Egg Bank. Learn more!

While the egg donation process can take several months when participating in a one-on-one cycle, an egg banking cycle can be completed in just 8-12 weeks from start to finish. In both scenarios, the time spent actually in an egg donation cycle, meaning taking hormone injections to prepare for the egg retrieval, is approximately 3-4 weeks.

Ultimately, It Depends on Whether You're Doing a One-On-One or Egg Banking Cycle

So, how long is the egg donation process? Ultimately, it depends on the agency or egg bank you are working with and the program you are participating in. At Donor Nexus, we offer a few flexible egg donor programs that can be suited to fit your needs. 

At Donor Nexus, we offer the fastest matching time in the industry, which means our egg donors have the opportunity to donate with the most minimal time commitment possible.

Here’s a quick rundown on the timelines of each of our programs:

Egg Banking Can Be Completed in About 8-12 Weeks Start to Finish

In an egg banking cycle, the retrieved eggs will be immediately vitrified (frozen) and stored in our egg bank to be chosen and used by recipients (referred to as “intended parents”) at a later time. Typically, you can complete the egg banking process with the Donor Nexus Egg Bank in about 8-12 weeks from start to finish. This is an expedited process as you can begin your screening evaluations almost immediately upon being accepted into the program. 

Completing a One-On-One Egg Donation Can Take About 3-5 Months Once Matched

Alternatively, as a one-on-one donor, you will be matched with one set of intended parents who will receive all retrieved eggs. This option does take a bit longer as you will have to wait to be selected by intended parents before beginning your screening evaluations.

How Long Does the Egg Donation Process Take?

Here is an overview of the egg donation process timeline with Donor Nexus: 

  • Matching: No wait time for an egg banking cycle, varies for a one-on-one cycle
  • Screening evaluations: Typically 2-3 months
  • Egg donation cycle (medication phase): 3-4 weeks
  • Egg retrieval: 1 day - Plus travel time

Egg Donation Process Timeline: Step-By-Step

1. Matching Time: None for Egg Banking, Varies for One-On-One

As an egg banking donor, you will not have to wait to be matched with intended parents so you can bypass this step altogether.

As a potential one-on-one egg donor, your profile will be added to our database and you will wait to be selected by intended parents. Fortunately for our donors, we tend to match egg donors with intended parents in a timely manner compared to other agencies. This is because we have many hopeful parents browsing our database regularly, searching for their ideal egg donor. However, we aren’t able to provide you with a timeline on how long it may take to get matched. Ultimately, we are committed to ensuring the match is right for both parties. 

“Our frozen egg banking program is ideal for many donors as it allows them to skip the wait and donate eggs on their own timeline.” - Lucy Solie-Vilker, Program Director

2. Screening Evaluations: Typically 2-3 Months

The egg donor screening process can take up to 3 months, depending on where you are in your menstrual cycle. During the screening phase, you'll complete any necessary medical and psychological evaluations. This involves blood tests, a transvaginal ultrasound, talking to a psychologist, and consulting with a lawyer. Our experienced team will guide you throughout the process and help things move along efficiently.

As an egg banking donor, we can initiate your screening evaluations almost immediately upon being accepted into the program. As a one-on-one donor, we will wait until you are matched with intended parents before beginning your screening evaluations.

3. Medication and Monitoring Phase: 3-4 Weeks

The medication phase makes up the bulk of what is referred to as your “egg donation cycle”. This part of the egg donation process takes approximately 3-4 weeks; typically consisting of 7-10 days of birth control, 12-14 days of hormone injections to stimulate your ovaries, and a “trigger” shot 32-36 hours before the egg retrieval. During this time, you'll have regular appointments so the doctor can monitor your progress.  

4. Egg Retrieval: 1 Day (Plus Travel Time)

Lastly, the egg retrieval procedure is completed in approximately 30 minutes. Since the procedure is done under monitored anesthesia care, it is painless, but we do recommend a full day of rest. Most donors experience a quick recovery, you most likely won't need to take extended time off work or school afterward.

As an egg banking donor, your retrieval will take place in Newport Beach, California. As a one-on-one donor, your egg retrieval will take place at the intended parent's fertility clinic. In both cases, we will cover all your travel expenses.

How Long Does Egg Donation Take?

As revealed in the breakdown above, an egg donation cycle takes approximately 3-4 weeks to prepare multiple eggs (ovarian stimulation) and complete the egg retrieval procedure. However, this does not include the prior steps of applying to a program, waiting to be matched, and the screening process, which can take several months to complete.

Conclusion: How Long Does It Take to Donate Eggs?

To summarize, as an egg banking donor with the Donor Nexus Egg Bank, you can expect the entire egg donation process to take approximately 8-12 weeks from start to finish. With our one-on-one egg donation cycle, the timeline is approximately 3-5 months once you are matched with the intended parent(s).

Empowering You on Your Egg Donation Journey

At Donor Nexus, we've curated flexible programs and a streamlined egg donation process to make each step as straightforward as possible while adhering to the highest standards of screening and ethics protocols. As true egg donor advocates, we’re committed to providing you with all the information you need upfront, being prompt in answering your questions, sending appointment reminders during your cycle, and genuinely supporting you throughout your entire journey. 

Have more questions about donating your eggs? Next, check out our Frequently Asked Questions and Egg Donation Process Overview. If you have any other questions about what's involved or how long it will take, feel free to reach out!

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