Are There Side Effects to Egg Donation?

Egg donors may or may not experience short term side effects from the fertility medications. Every body responds differently to the medications. We do make sure that all of our egg donors are monitored carefully to ensure minimal to no side effects occur. If an egg donor experiences any sort of side effects, she may feel symptoms similar to PMS; headache, mood swings, nausea, and bloating. A common question we are asked is if egg donation reduces your chance of having children in the future.

Some egg donors are concerned that egg donation will diminish their natural egg reserve; however, this is a common myth. Research has shown there is no link between egg donation and infertility. During a female’s regular menstrual cycle, about 15-20 eggs mature naturally in the follicles before ovulation, and usually only 1 egg makes it through ovulation. The remaining eggs are unused and absorbed by the body. When eggs are donated, the eggs that are retrieved are the ones that the body would have naturally discarded. The medications egg donors are on only ensures that the eggs produced will be mature and viable.

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