Donor Embryo Costs Associated with Donation and Adoption

Whether you are considering using donor embryos for an embryo adoption cycle or an embryo donation cycle, one of the first questions that comes to mind is, “how much do donor embryos cost?” In this blog, we outline embryo adoption costs compared to embryo donation costs and give an overview of what's included in each. If you have any additional questions, contact us and we will gladly provide you with more information.

Embryo Donation Cost

At Donor Nexus, embryo donation costs $11,100 USD per cycle, excluding pre-testing and medications.

This covers the frozen embryo cycle, including:

• All cycle coordination
• Embryo thawing
• Embryo transfer
• Monitoring at HRC Fertility

Additionally, your fee also goes towards:

• Outstanding storage and cryopreservation fees
• Administrative costs relating to the creation and maintenance of the embryo bank and embryo bank database.

Compared to Embryo Adoption Costs

Intended parents seeking information on the cost of embryo donation or embryo adoption? Learn more!

First, remember that embryo donation and embryo adoption are not the same thing. Often when a couple or individual is using donated embryos, it's assumed that they are 'adopting' the embryos. However, there are a couple important differences to note - you can learn more about this in our featured blog post, embryo adoption vs donation

Although Donor Nexus does not provide embryo adoption services, we do provide options for open or semi-open embryo donation cycles. Additionally, we still wanted to provide you with some costs associated with embryo adoption for comparative purposes. 

How Much Does Embryo Adoption Cost?

The cost to adopt an embryo is typically more expensive than the price of using donated embryos. An average cost of embryo adoption, including the home study, legal fees, shipping of embryos (if necessary), frozen embryo transfer, and cycle medications, is around $18,000.

Many embryo adoption agencies require couples to complete a home study, which is a comprehensive family study conducted by a state licensed adoption agency, costing an average of $2,000 - $3,500. In addition to being a bit pricier, embryo adoption is also generally a longer process. The home study process usually takes about 3 months to complete.

Donor Nexus has helped many intended parents grow their families using donor embryos, including many patients who were initially seeking to 'adopt' embryos.

Frozen Embryo Cost Related Questions 

Do you offer a guarantee? What happens if the embryo(s) do not survive thaw?

In the rare chance that the embryo(s) does/do not survive the thaw, we will either thaw additional embryos from the same profile or we will provide you “back up” embryo profiles to select from.  If there is not another embryo profile of your liking and you do not complete an embryo transfer, you will receive a partial refund/credit.  

How many embryos do I get in my Donor Embryo Cycle?

It depends on the stage at which the embryos were frozen and whether or not they have had PGS/PGT 24-chromosome genetic screening. We will thaw until there is one viable embryo when the embryo is a blastocyst that has been genetically tested, two viable when they are unscreened blastocysts, four when they are frozen on day 3.

Why Do Intended Parents Choose Donor Nexus?

» No Wait List

“Our donor embryo cycles are relatively straightforward and can be completed in 2-3 months from the time you secure a donor embryo.”

We understand that the journey through infertility is long enough as it is, so we have intentionally built our embryo donation program with timeliness in mind. The donor embryos available in our database are available for immediate use, allowing recipients the flexibility to complete the cycle at their convenience. 

Our No Wait Donor Embryo Cycle is perfect for recipients who are ready to grow their families as soon as possible!

» No Home Study Required

We understand that for many embryo adoption programs, the home study is a necessary part of their process. However, we aim to make the embryo donation process as simple as possible for our intended parents. By not requiring a home study, we are able to make donor embryo cycles more affordable and accessible to all families.

» High Success Rates

Donor Nexus partners with HRC Fertility, Newport Beach and Encino clinics. With this partnership, we are able to offer our patients the exceptional high success rates with HRC Fertility.



» Options for National and International Patients

We are located in Newport Beach, California. If you are not familiar, Newport Beach is a beautiful coastal city in Southern California. We warmly welcome donor embryo recipients to travel to HRC Fertility in Newport Beach to complete their frozen embryo transfer. 

The donated frozen embryos are stored in our laboratories at HRC Fertility in Newport Beach and Encino.  You are only required to spend a total of 4 days for the embryo transfer! 

Welcoming patients from Canada, Australia, Europe, and worldwide to participate in our embryo donation program

» Options for Anonymous or Open Donations

Unlike many other embryo donation agencies, we give patients options for open, semi-open, or anonymous embryo donation cycles. 

While most of our donors do opt for anonymous donations, we have also included options for open and semi-open donations to ensure that our program can be tailored to fit the specific desires of all donors and all loving recipients. 

Learn more: Anonymous vs Open Embryo Donation

» Donor Embryos Available in our Online Database

All interested recipients are welcome to browse through our online donor embryo database, and we are always available to help guide and attempt to get more information on profiles when requested. To get started, simply register for free and instant access!

About Donor Nexus

Donor Nexus is a world-renowned embryo donation agency located in Newport Beach, California. Our mission is to make assisted reproductive technology affordable and accessible to all loving families. Since our establishment in 2012, we have helped grow over 500 families with our unique and innovative programs. We look forward to helping you achieve your dreams of parenthood!

Disclaimer: The fees and embryo donation cost information listed on this page is meant to be used as an overview, providing you with an outline of what to expect. If you are considering using donated embryos and would like additional information on the pre-testing and other fees, please contact our team and we will be happy to assist you.

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