Finding Common Ground: An Intended Parent & Egg Donor Meeting Nov 02, 2021 | by Donor Nexus

Original Post: November 2nd, 2017

In this day and age, egg donor matches aren’t always black and white. With online forums like the Donor Sibling Registry, intended parents and egg donors can build a relationship while staying anonymous.

Intended parents also have the opportunity to meet their egg donor in-person or via video conference, if the egg donor consents to the one-time meeting. During these meetings, a representative from Donor Nexus is present to ensure both parties do not share identifiable information. This way the donation can remain anonymous; however, the intended parents and the egg donor can get to know one another.

More intended parents are opting to meet their donor so they have the opportunity to thank her in person and to give the donor peace of mind knowing her donation is going to a loving individual/couple.

Facilitating the Meeting Between Intended Parent and Egg Donor

Our recent intended parent-egg donor meeting was with a single mother who wanted an anonymous egg donation but also wanted to meet her egg donor in person. She felt a deep connection to the donor and wanted the opportunity to get to know her better in-person. The egg donor had donated five times previously; however, no other intended parent had asked to meet her. When we told her the intended parent wanted to meet her she was excited, yet a little nervous. We ensured her that the meeting was nothing more than a casual conversation.

When the meeting started, the intended mother shared with the egg donor that she was a single parent who has a son and was hoping for a daughter. This touched the egg donor as she has a daughter.

The egg donor told the intended mother about the joys having a daughter brings to her life.

She told her about the “girls trips” they take to get their nails done or shopping and how her relationship with her daughter is like having a best friend for life. The intended mother told the egg donor that what impressed her most was that the egg donor was a young hard-working single mom, which reminded her a lot of herself when she was younger.

Since she was a single parent herself, the intended mother knew first-hand the struggles that come along with a single-parent income. Knowing that the compensation from the cycle was going to help provide a better future for the egg donor and her daughter was a rewarding way to give back to the donor for her donation.

The meeting felt more like a coffee date between girlfriends.

We sat together for more than an hour. There was never a moment of where either person ran out of things to say. If we could have kept the meeting going they could have sat there for hours. As the meeting came to a close, they exchanged well wishes and hugged. They both left feeling confident moving forward. Meetings like this do not always happen but when they do, we are so honored to apart of their journey!

UPDATE: In June 2017, the intended parent was confirmed pregnant with a baby girl!

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