Why I Decided to Be an Egg Donor (VIDEO) Apr 24, 2020 | by Donor Nexus

In this video, Donor Nexus egg donor 1518 reflects on why she became an egg donor.

"Parents that embark on this experience — that go down the road of egg donation — they’re so ready. They are so prepared to love and care for these children..."

If you prefer text, we have the video transcribed for you below. 

"So I'm kind of reflecting on what brought me to this process in the first place and wanted to share with you guys if you're interested why I decided to become an egg donor.

I'm a stepmom (in my stepdaughter's room right now) and she occupies so much of my energy, so much of my love, she's such a huge blessing in my life and I don't feel the need to have biological kids. It's not something that I'm interested in putting my body through (childbirth). I already have such a beautiful and perfect kid in my life and I couldn't ask for anything more.

I think that even if I did want biological children of my own, I would still go through this process because parents who embark on this experience -- that go down the road of egg donation -- they're so ready.
They're so prepared to love and care for these children and isn't that what we need? We need kids that have parents that are willing to sacrifice and willing to support them and love them as much as possible.

There are people in my life who haven't been able to have children of their own and I know that they've benefited from in vitro and surrogacy. So, I have this biological resource that I don't want to use and I'm so grateful for the opportunity to be able to give that to someone else so that they can do something positive and so that it can change their life I think that's so incredible."

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