Reasons to be an Egg Donor

Why do you want to be an egg donor?Are you wondering what are the reasons to be an egg donor? At Donor Nexus, we work closely with egg donors who choose to become an egg donor for various reasons. Primarily, the reasons for donating eggs are to help an infertile couple or individual pursue their dreams of parenthood, while also earning generous compensation for your contribution.

Why Do Women Donate Eggs?

In the last decade, the topic of egg donation has transitioned from a scary “60 Minutes” episode to an open and honest conversation between men and women alike. Yes, there are obstacles and differing opinions that continued to suppress the field but overall, the openness of the topic has grown leaps and bounds. Egg donors and Intended Parents are now more than ever opening up and sharing their own experiences. Little do they both know the impact they have had on the field.

A recent report from the Journal of American Medical Association found that the number of egg donors has increased by ~70 percent from 2000 to 2010.

Reasons More Women are Donating Their Eggs

• Egg donation has become more acceptable in our society

• There is a higher demand for donor eggs

• The success rates of egg donation are increasing

• There have been advancements in technology

• In the past, women may have felt that donating eggs merely for compensation is donating for the wrong reason. Now, women have a better understanding of how they can help other women build a family of their dreams.

• The process is anonymous

Transforming the Conversation Around Egg Donation

As the conversation surrounding egg donation and third party reproduction transforms, more young women are learning about the advantages of becoming donors. Yes many women initially apply to be egg donors because of the financial implications. Some have read online blogs about egg donation, clicked an ad on Facebook or Instagram, or even seen a flyer in their college newspaper.

Others may have friends who have suffered with fertility or know a coworker who was an egg donor. Regardless of their prior knowledge or reasons for becoming donors, it is important to educate, inform, and enlighten all donors on the gift they are giving and the gravity of this very serious commitment. From these conversations, egg donors are equipped with the knowledge and resources to educate and inform others.

Most donors now feel more comfortable sharing their experience with family and friends. The donors often act as ambassadors for egg donation. Their coworkers, friends, and classmates will apply to become donors themselves already armed with a detailed knowledge of what is involved. In this, we have generated a positive feedback loop that continues to expand. It is important that we continue to share, support, and inform friends, family, and skeptics on the options for those struggling with fertility.

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Donor Nexus is a leading egg donor agency, working closely with egg donors and intended parents to facilitate perfect matches. Since our establishment in 2012, we have helped over 500 families with our egg and embryo donation programs. Our egg donors earn generous compensation and receive the highest standard of care. If you have any questions, please contact our team.

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