We’ve Completed Our Family and Have Extra Embryos: Now What? Aug 18, 2021 | by Donor Nexus

When a couple or individual completes their family, they often times have leftover embryos. Many patients wonder what they do with the extra embryos. There are three options available to patients.

Options for Leftover Embryos

Option 1: Discard the Embryos

Patients have the option of discarding the embryos. The embryos are thawed and removed as biowaste.

Option 2: Donate to Medical Research

Patients can choose to donate their extra embryos to medical research. When embryos are donated to medical research, embryos are used for training purposes and research. Embryos are discarded after use.

Option 3: Donate to Another Couple

Patients can donate their embryos anonymously to other couples. This altruistic act allows other patients who are struggling with fertility to achieve their dreams of having a child. Donated embryos are an alternative to adoption at a much more affordable cost to the intended parent(s). The embryo(s) is implanted into the intended mother, or surrogate’s, uterus. The intended parents are listed on the offspring’s birth certificate.

If you are not ready to make a decision, you are always able to keep your embryos in storage for as long as you want. Your fertility clinic will bill you annually to keep the embryos stored.

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