New Program Announcement! Independent Match Embryo Coordination | by Donor Nexus

In the spirit of innovation and continuous effort to better meet the needs of our patients, we are proud to announce our newest program offering: Independent Match Embryo Coordination

What Is Independent Match Embryo Coordination?

Currently, there are limited if any resources available to help embryo donors and recipients who have found each other on their own through a referral, social media, online forum, or any other avenue without the help of a third-party. 

Our Independent Match Embryo Coordination Program provides a solution for donors and recipients in this situation. We will facilitate communication between all parties involved, provide guidance to the donor(s) and recipient(s), and oversee all paperwork and other logistics involved in the transfer of the embryos.

Donor Nexus will serve as the coordinator between the embryo donor(s), embryo recipient(s) as well as any involved laboratories, storage facilities and fertility clinics.

Why We Are Offering This Service

Understandably, there are many logistics involved in the embryo donation process. With this service, both parties can be assured that all the logistics are being handled by an experienced team of industry professionals. We take any guesswork out of the process, making the entire process as simple as possible for both parties. 

Committed to Providing Innovative Solutions

As the only agency in the industry offering this type of service, Donor Nexus is committed to providing innovative solutions to help couples and individuals pursue their family-building dreams. To learn more about this service, visit our new program page here and contact our team if you have any additional questions. 

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