Anonymous vs. Open Egg Donation (and Hybrid Options) Jan 01, 2023 | by Donor Nexus

In this blog, we explain anonymous egg donation, open egg donation, and options for semi-open or non-anonymous egg donation, which we’ll refer to as hybrid or “in-between” options. Typically, we facilitate anonymous donations as agreed upon by both the egg donor and the recipient couple or individual (intended parents).

However, we are proud to offer flexibility within our egg donation programs, allowing the process to be tailored to fit the unique needs and desires of both parties. We provide free access for intended parents to privately search our online donor database through our website or our app.

Anonymous Egg Donation

  • Non-Identifying information for both parties in the contract
    • (I.E. - “Intended Parent” and “Egg Donor ID XXXX”)
  • The intended parent will typically only view the donor’s profile through an online egg donor database

*Please note that although our team adheres to the highest standards to maintain donor and recipient confidentiality when facilitating the cycle, with advancements in commercial genetic testing, we counsel our egg donors and intended parents to understand that we cannot guarantee permanent anonymity in the future.

Semi-Anonymous (Restricted)

  • Non-identifying information for both parties, but communication may be facilitated by the agency or an attorney. Still, the intended parent and egg donor do not communicate directly with one another.

Semi-Anonymous (Limited/Open)

  • The intended parent(s) and egg donor see each other face-to-face, whether it be in-person or over a video call. Typically, there is still limited information exchanged and generally limited to no communication beyond this interaction. 

Getting to Know Your Egg Donor Before Confirming the Match

At Donor Nexus, we provide intended parents with the option of meeting an egg donor prior to confirming the match when the egg donor agrees. Learn more!

Donor Nexus is happy to offer Zoom meetings for intended parents participating in a fresh one-on-one egg donor cycle to get to know the egg donor before confirming the match, as long as the egg donor agrees to the meeting. To facilitate the meeting, we will collect a non-refundable $500, which will be put toward our cycle fees if the intended parent moves forward with our agency. This does not apply to our frozen donor egg cycles.

Directed or Open Egg Donation

  • The intended parent(s) and egg donor can meet via video call or in person. Typically, in an open or directed egg donation, the donor and parents will exchange some contact information and the communication beyond that point varies depending on the parties. 
  • When choosing an open, directed, or semi-open egg donation, the intended parent and egg donor negotiate on the terms, whether that be contacting the egg donor for medical reasons only, the chance for the offspring to meet the egg donor if the child chooses, or to send photos of the child as they grow. 

Known Egg Donation

  • Typically, in a known egg donation, the intended parent(s) and egg donor have an existing relationship (friend, family member, etc.) 

The In-Between: Hybrid Options 

Sometimes, we have intended parents who want a hybrid between anonymous and open egg donation. If the egg donor consents to the option of contact, the intended parent has a couple of different options (listed below).

Donor Sibling Registry

The Donor Sibling Registry, also known as the DSR, is one way for intended parents to stay in touch with their egg donor without breaching identity. This forum was created to allow offspring who desire contact with others who are genetically related to have a platform to communicate. If the intended parent likes the idea of having the option of contacting the egg donor in the future without having to share personal contact information, the DSR is a perfect and inexpensive way to stay connected. 

How Does Donor Sibling Registry Work?

It is the responsibility of the intended parent to pay for the egg donor’s lifetime membership fee. Once the payment has been made to DSR, a staff member will contact both parties with instructions on setting up the login. Each party creates a generic username. We recommend using the donors’ agency ID number somewhere in the username, such as Donor Nexus Intended Parent 1000. The donor will also create a generic username, such as Donor Nexus Egg Donor 1000. Once both have set up their log-in, each can begin posting. Postings can consist of updates on the offspring, questions about the donor’s medical history, or photos of the offspring over the years. By registering with the DSR, intended parents are offering their offspring the opportunity to get to know their genetic relatives.

Giving the Offspring the Option to Reach Out at Age 18

For others who don’t desire direct communication but want the option for their offspring to contact the egg donor, the intended parent(s) can request the donor to sign an addendum to her agreement. The addendum allows the offspring to contact the clinic or agency at the age of 18 to get in touch with the egg donor. The clinic or agency will contact the egg donor on behalf of the offspring. If the egg donor is willing to have contact with the offspring at that time, the clinic or agency will exchange contact information. 

Even in an anonymous egg donation, there may be options available to establish limited communication between the egg donor and intended parents.

From there on, the egg donor and offspring decide the type of relationship they desire. One thing to keep in mind about this option is that this does not bind the egg donor to having contact with the offspring. The egg donor signs the addendum at the time of donation. However, over the course of 18+ years, things can change for the egg donor. She may not be willing to share her contact information with the offspring at that time. However, most egg donors will not agree to sign this addendum unless they are committed to giving the option to the child to reach out at age 18.

Find Comfort in Your Wide Selection of Options

The decision to choose between an anonymous egg donation or an open egg donation is no longer black and white. With options like those listed above, intended parents have comfort knowing their child may have the opportunity to get to know their donor if they choose.

What’s Next?

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We hope you found this information helpful! We understand that these decisions can be overwhelming; our team is here to answer any questions you may have and help guide you through the process. 

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