5 Ways to Get Involved & Raise Awareness During NIAW® Apr 21, 2023 | by Donor Nexus

NIAW 2023 is April 23rd - April 29th. As a proud partner of RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association, the Donor Nexus team is gearing up for another impactful week of raising awareness and removing stigmas surrounding infertility. We hope you’ll join us!

What is National Infertility Awareness Week?

National Infertility Awareness Week (NIAW) is a movement, founded in 1989 by RESOLVE. It is a yearly observance that takes place at the end of April, aiming to bring awareness and understanding to struggles that people may face when seeking help building their family. 

A major goal of NIAW is to also appear in the media and influence lawmakers to enforce policies that will make a difference for the infertility community. NIAW also aims to educate the public about the available treatment options, support resources, and advocacy efforts that can help those affected by infertility.

5 Ways to Get Involved During NIAW 2023

1. 5-Day Social Media Challenge 

The 5-Day Challenge takes place during NIAW to encourage people to use their social media platforms to bring awareness to the infertility experience. Check out this page on the NIAW website to learn more about the hashtags/prompts for each day and find social media graphics to use for your posts here!

2. Register for Federal Advocacy Day

Advocacy Day is a 1-day virtual event taking place on Tuesday, April 25th. On this day, the family-building community comes together to educate Members of Congress about issues and legislation important to our community. Learn more about this event here.

3. Join or Start a Support Group

RESOLVE offers a directory of both peer-led and professionally-led support groups, providing an opportunity to connect with people who may be on a similar journey as you. Use these links to learn more: Join a Support Group or Start a Support Group

4. Donate to RESOLVE

Financial donations help RESOLVE provide needed support, education, and advocacy programs in local communities.

5. Fundraise for the Cause

Help raise funds for RESOLVE’s important programs! As stated by RESOLVE, 

RESOLVE is a nonprofit and exists because of volunteers and those who support our mission. You can make a difference by planning a fundraiser – big or small.” Find additional information about fundraising here.

Find additional support, events, and ways to get involved on the NIAW Calendar.

Together, We Can Make an Impact

By breaking the stigma associated with infertility and promoting policies and initiatives that increase access to affordable fertility treatments, we can make an impact for the thousands of couples and individuals affected by infertility. Visit the NIAW website for more information and additional resources

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