Frozen Egg Banking vs. One-on-One Cycle Sep 01, 2023 | by Donor Nexus

In this video, we explain the difference between participating in a frozen egg banking cycle vs. a one-on-one egg donation cycle for potential egg donors. 

Understanding the Two Types of Egg Donation Cycles


Frozen Egg Banking vs. One-on-One

Frozen Egg Banking Cycle

We partner with HRC Fertility in Newport Beach for all of our frozen egg banking donations. If you are local to Newport Beach, you will be seen here for all your appointments. If you are located outside of California, we will have you seen at a fertility clinic local to you. Then, we will fly you out to Newport Beach, California for your egg retrieval. Before we consider you as a frozen egg banking donor, we will have to review your AMH and genetic screening results. Once you complete your egg retrieval, your eggs will be frozen and stored here at HRC Fertility. Typically, your eggs have the potential to be distributed amongst three to four sets of intended parents.

One-on-One Egg Donation Cycle

The main difference between our two sets of egg donations is that in a one-on-one, only one set of intended parents will receive all of your eggs produced. You will also be working with the clinic of the intended parents choosing. If you’re local to their clinic, you will be seen there for all your appointments. If you’re not local to their clinic, we may need to fly you out once for your medical screening and again for the duration of your medications up until egg retrieval. Depending on the intended parent's clinic, they may allow you to be seen at a clinic local to you for some of your appointments. 

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