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As part of the Donor Nexus embryo donation program, we are proud to offer free access to our online embryo donor database featuring a wide selection of donated embryos. 

Industry-Leading Embryo Donor Database

Our embryo donation program attracts patients from around the world with success rates above national averages and flexible options for anonymous, semi-open, or open donations (similar to embryo adoption). We offer No Wait Donor Embryo Cycles beginning at only $9,400 per cycle, excluding pre-testing, medications, and frozen embryo transfer.

It’s common for a couple or individual to complete their IVF treatment and have leftover embryos. When this happens, many couples choose to donate their embryos to be used by others. Our embryo donors are patients who believe in the sanctity of life and choose to give this potential gift of life to another family. Donor embryos are handled with the highest standard of care and all procedures are performed by highly skilled physicians. 

Donated Embryos Available

Since our establishment in 2012, we have helped over 1,200 families achieve their dream of having a baby through our embryo donation & donor egg programs.

The donated frozen embryos are stored in our laboratories at HRC Fertility Clinics in Los Angeles County and Orange County and cannot be shipped to other clinics. They are primarily stored at HRC Fertility in Newport Beach and some are now available at HRC Fertility in Encino. Patients must be able to travel to Southern California for 4 days for the embryo transfer.


Embryo Donor Database

  • Free and unlimited use
  • Advanced search features
  • Review embryo donor information
  • Updated regularly
  • Personal, password-protected account to save your favorites
  • Easy to use and our staff is available if you have any questions
  • Free database app available


Embryo Donor Profiles

Generally, embryo donor profiles include the following information about the embryos and the donating couple:

  • Embryo grading
  • Year the embryo(s) were created
  • Number of embryos available
  • Genetic carrier results, if donor(s) completed screening
  • The stage at which the embryos were frozen
  • Gender, if available
  • Basic health information of the donors
  • The age of donors at the time the embryos were frozen
  • General characteristics of donors, including height, weight, hair color, eye color 
  • Donor background, including occupation, state, and education (when provided)
  • Ethnicity and ethnic background 
  • Donation type (anonymous, semi-open, open) and any additional preferences the donors have for the recipient(s)
  • Whether they specified any family history
  • Whether a sperm donor or egg donor was used

*Please note that the available information varies. We recommend all medical records be reviewed by your IVF physician.

If you have any questions, our team is always here to help! 

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