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Embryo Donor Profiles

Donor Nexus’ embryo donation program is an excellent option for Intended Parents struggling with infertility. It’s common for a couple or individual to complete their IVF treatment and have leftover embryos. When this happens, many couples choose to donate their embryos to be used by others. Our embryo donors are patients who believe in the sanctity of life and choose to give this potential gift of life to another family. After they have completed their families, they donate their unused embryos to Donor Nexus’ embryo bank. These embryos are handled with the highest standard of care and all procedures are performed by highly skilled physicians.

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Our embryo donation program attracts patients from around the world with our high success rates and flexible options. We offer No Wait Embryo Cycles beginning at only $11,100.

Donated Embryos Available

Since our establishment in 2012, we have helped over 500 families achieve their dream of having a baby through our egg donation & embryo donation programs.

The donated frozen embryos are stored in our laboratories at HRC Fertility Clinics in Los Angeles County and Orange County and cannot be shipped to other clinics. They are primarily stored at HRC Fertility in Newport Beach and some are now available at HRC Fertility in Encino. Patients must be able to travel to Southern California for 4 days for the embryo transfer.

Embryo Donor Database

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  • Review embryo donor information
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Embryo Donor Profiles

Generally, each embryo donor profile will include the following information:
  • Embryo grading
  • Year the embryo was created
  • Number of embryos available
  • Whether genetic testing was performed
  • Basic health information
  • Age of donors at the time the embryos were frozen
  • Mother information (ethnicity, eye color, hair color)
  • Father information (ethnicity, eye color, hair color)

*If the embryo donors did not provide this information, it will be listed as “unknown”

For some donated embryos, you will be able to receive additional information, including:
  • Pictures of the egg donor used for the embryo, or access to the egg donors profile
  • Pictures of the offspring upon request (rare, but you will see this option listed on the profile if available)
  • Some profiles reveal if the recipient had twins
  • Multiple profiles list the sex chromosomes of the available embryo – great option for couples or individuals interested in gender selection.

How to Use Our Online Egg Donor Database

Step 1: Register (Quick, Easy, & Free)

We require that you register in order to view our egg donor profiles in detail and save favorites. We require all users to create a password-protected account to maintain confidentiality. After registering, you will receive instant access.

Step 2: Start Your Egg Donor Database Search

On our home page, use the drop-down menu to search for egg donors by eye color, hair color, ethnicity. If you have no preference on one of the options, simply leave it blank. Choose which program you are interested in, then click search.

Step 3: Browse Egg Donor Profiles

When filtering your egg donor results within the database, make sure to select “available” under the “Status” section of the left-side menu. You can narrow down the search further by selecting your desired hair color, eye color, height range, and ethnicity.

Step 4: Save Your Favorites

While browsing our egg donor catalog, be sure to take advantage of our “favorites” feature. By simply clicking on “Add to Favorites”, you will save the profile in your favorites so you can easily find it later.

Step 5: Contact Us to Get Started!

Once you have selected an egg donor, or narrowed down your search, contact us to get started. You will be assigned to a dedicated Case Manager who can answer your questions and review egg donor profiles with you. Our caring and experienced staff will guide you through the rest of the process. When it’s time for the procedure, you can visit us at our partnering fertility clinic in California, or we can coordinate things differently if you prefer. We even offer an in-person or Skype meeting for Intended Parents to get to know the egg donor prior to confirming the match.

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