Financial Breakdown

The cost of donor eggs or donor embryos varies depending on several factors. On this page, we provide a financial breakdown to help you understand egg donation costs and other considerations. 

Cost of Donor Eggs: An Overview

At Donor Nexus, the cost for fresh donor eggs starts at $22,300 USD and frozen donor eggs start at $19,500 USD. Ultimately, the cost of using donor eggs varies based on several factors, as outlined below. 

Egg Donor Costs Vary Depending on Several Factors

The final donor egg cost depends on several factors, including the donor’s specific location, compensation, and which program you choose.

1. Location of Egg Donor

The location of the egg donor is an important consideration for intended parents who are interested in using fresh donor eggs as the donor will travel to the recipient’s chosen fertility clinic and the recipient(s) will be responsible for the donor’s travel expenses. Although many of our egg donors are located in our home state of California, we proudly work with egg donors worldwide.

2. Egg Donor Compensation

The donor’s compensation is factored into the recipient's total cycle cost. Proven donors or donors participating in our Premier program may require higher compensation. 

3. Program Selection

The cost of egg donors will vary depending on which of our programs you select. For instance, choosing to use fresh donor eggs will typically cost more than using frozen donor eggs. 

What Is the Cost of Donor Eggs for IVF?

Ultimately, your total out-of-pocket donor egg IVF costs will largely depend on your fertility insurance coverage and chosen fertility clinic and/or specialist. 


Costs Involved When Using a Donor Nexus Egg Donor

Fresh One-on-One Cycle

Our Fresh Egg Donor Cycle starts at $22,300 USD. This includes:

  • Donor compensation
  • Donor reimbursement
  • Donor travel and outside monitoring
  • Temporary medical insurance to cover donor for complications
  • Donor’s psychological evaluation
  • Donor’s genetic counseling
  • Donor’s legal representation
  • Establishment/management of escrow account
  • Agency fee


The cost of using an egg donor participating in our Premier program in a Fresh Cycle starts at $38,500 USD and includes all the aforementioned items.

Frozen Donor Eggs Cost

How much do frozen donor eggs cost? With the Donor Nexus egg bank, the frozen donor egg cost starts at $19,500 USD. This includes: 

  • Six (6) frozen donor eggs thawed and suitable for fertilization, from which we plan to have at least one (1) viable embryo for implantation/transfer/freeze by Day 7.
  • Our egg bank is located in California and we can ship frozen donor eggs domestically and internationally. The cost of shipping one cohort of six eggs is included in the frozen donor egg cost.

The cost of frozen donor eggs from a donor participating in our Premier Egg Donor Program starts at $29,500 USD.

Embryo Donation Cost

At Donor Nexus, embryo donation starts at $9,400 USD per cycle, excluding pre-testing, medications, and frozen embryo transfer. This fee covers the outstanding storage and cryopreservation fees and administrative costs related to the creation and maintenance of the embryo bank and embryo bank database.

Learn more: Donor Embryo Cost Breakdown

Additional Options For Fresh Egg Donor Cycles

» Zoom Meeting With Egg Donor

Within our fresh egg donor cycles, we offer in-person or Zoom meetings for you to get to know the egg donor before confirming the match, as long as the egg donor agrees to the meeting. To facilitate the meeting, we will collect a non-refundable $500, which will be put toward our cycle fees if you move forward with our agency. This does not apply to frozen donor egg cycles.

» Putting an Egg Donor on Hold

Within our fresh egg donor cycles, we provide the option of putting an egg donor on "hold". If you would like to hold an egg donor for one week, you can do so by paying a $500 non-refundable hold fee. If you elect to move forward with the cycle, the $500 will be put towards your agency fee. This does not apply to frozen donor egg cycles.

Financial Resources Available to Cover Egg Donor Costs 

For our egg donor cycles, you can make arrangements to pay your cycle fee in up to two installment payments. The first payment is a deposit to secure the donor, frozen eggs, or donor embryo. The second payment is the remaining balance which is due once the fresh donor is medically cleared for a fresh cycle, once the eggs are ready to be shipped for a frozen cycle, or once the recipient has been medically cleared and is given a frozen embryo transfer date by the clinic for a donor embryo cycle. 

Additionally, we work with CapexMD to help intended parents cover treatment costs. CapexMD specializes in fertility loans, offering a variety of options. Visit their website to learn more and apply. Please know a transaction fee will be added to your second installment based on the total loan amount.

Understanding the Cost of Donor Eggs

We hope this Financial Breakdown provided you with an answer to the question, “How much are donor eggs?” Essentially, the final cost of using donor eggs depends on whether you are using fresh or frozen eggs and other factors such as the donor’s location and compensation. If you have questions about the specific cost of an egg donor listed on our database, please get in touch with our team and we will be happy to assist you.

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