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Florida Egg Donation Programs With Donor Nexus

If you are interested in donating eggs in Florida, Donor Nexus welcomes you to apply to our top-rated egg donation programs. Donor Nexus is a boutique, top-rated egg donor agency with over 10 years of experience representing egg donors throughout Miami, Orlando, Tampa, and all of Florida. If you are an intended parent seeking an egg donor, visit this page!

Empowering you to make a difference with unique and flexible program options:

Become an egg donor with Donor Nexus

One-On-One Cycle

Compensation ranges from $6,500 - $50,000+ USD

Match with one set of intended parents for a fresh cycle.

    Program Overview:

  • Wait for intended parents to select you before beginning your cycle
  • We cover your travel to the intended parents' IVF clinic 
  • One set of intended parents receives all eggs

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Donate your eggs in an egg banking cycle with the Donor Nexus Egg Bank.

Egg Banking Cycle

Compensation ranges from $5,000 - $20,000+ USD

Eggs will be frozen and stored in our egg bank.

    Program Overview:

  • Minimal wait time - you do not need to wait to be selected by intended parents
  • Eggs can be distributed to 3-4 sets of intended parents
  • Egg retrieval will take place in Newport Beach, California 

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Freeze your eggs for free when you donate half to be used by another family.

Futures - Egg Freezing

Freeze & store your eggs for free - over $21,000 USD value

Help families build their futures while saving for yours.

    Program Overview:

  • Freeze your eggs for free when you donate half to be used by another family
  • Egg retrieval takes place in Newport Beach, California
  • We will store the eggs at no cost until 2035
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Florida Egg Donor Requirements With Donor Nexus

First, let's take a quick look at the requirements to donate eggs with Donor Nexus. 

  • Female between the ages of 19-29
  • No major hereditary or genetic illnesses
  • Body Mass Index (BMI) <24.9
  • Non-smoker
  • College student or college graduate preferred


Additionally, you'll need to pass a series of screening evaluations for any genetic risks, medical conditions, or infectious diseases and complete fertility assessments before completing your cycle. Please note that candidates may be subject to additional criteria to determine eligibility. 



How to Become an Egg Donor in Florida

To become an egg donor in Florida, the first step is to fill out our online preliminary application. Next, we will email you follow-up questionnaires to learn more about your health history, personality, education, and more. If our team determines that you may be a good candidate for egg donation, we will schedule a video conference or phone call to meet with you, go over the egg donation process, and answer any questions you may have.

One-On-One Egg Donation vs. Frozen Egg Banking

As a One-On-One Donor, Travel to the Intended Parents Town

Opportunities for egg donation in Miami, Orlando, Tampa, and throughout Florida and beyond

Depending on where the intended parents live, you may be able to donate eggs in Florida. However, there is a good chance you will have to travel out of state to the intended parent's clinic. 

If you are participating in a Fresh One-On-One Egg Donation Cycle, your profile will be uploaded to our database and you will then wait to be selected by interested recipients, known as intended parents. If you are local to the intended parent's designated fertility clinic, you will be seen there for all your appointments. If you’re not local to their clinic, we may need to fly you out once for your medical screening and again for the duration of your medication up until egg retrieval. Depending on the intended parent's clinic, they may allow you to be seen at a clinic local to you for some of your appointments. All travel expenses are covered by Donor Nexus.

As an Egg Banking Donor, Travel to Southern California 

As an egg banking donor, you do not need to wait to be matched with intended parents. Upon passing the prescreening evaluations, you will begin your cycle and the retrieved eggs will be added to our egg bank and have the potential to be disbursed to 3-4 sets of intended parents.

We partner with HRC Fertility in Newport Beach, California, for all of our frozen egg banking donations. If you are local to Newport Beach, you will be seen there for all your appointments. If you are located outside of California, we will have you seen at a fertility clinic local to you. Then, we will fly you out to Newport Beach for your egg retrieval. All travel expenses are covered by Donor Nexus.

Our Pre-Approved IVF Clinic Partners in Florida

Below, we share a list of Florida fertility clinics that we have had the privilege of working with.



Living in Florida and Interested in Becoming an Egg Donor?

At Donor Nexus, we welcome women from all around the world to apply to our top-rated egg donor program! Depending on which program you participate in, there is a good chance you may have to travel for your egg retrieval. However, all travel costs are covered by us and you get to bring a companion with you! We have worked with many egg donors from Orlando, Miami, Tampa, and throughout Florida and would love to connect with you to provide you with more information.

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