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Donor Nexus is a world-renowned egg and embryo donation agency, located in Newport Beach, California. Since our establishment in 2012, we have helped over 750 couples and individuals achieve their dreams of parenthood, including many Florida families! We proudly work with intended parents and egg donors worldwide.

Find an Egg Donor for Your IVF Treatment in Florida

With our flexible egg donation programs, we provide patients with a unique opportunity to use either fresh or frozen donor eggs. We are able to ship cohorts of frozen donor eggs to your chosen clinic in Florida. Additionally, our fresh egg donors are able to travel for the egg retrieval.

Serving Egg Donation Patients Throughout Orlando, Miami, Tampa, and all of Florida

To get started, register to our online database for free access to browse hundreds of egg donor profiles instantly. We are also the only agency offering an app for Apple iOS and Android to make finding an egg donor as easy as possible. If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with our team and we will be glad to help!

Welcoming Florida Patients to California for Embryo Adoption/Donation

In addition to our egg donation offerings, we also offer an innovative embryo donation program. If you are interested in embryo adoption in Florida, we can most likely still provide what you are looking for as we have options for both anonymous and open donations. Our embryo donation program provides high success rates with lower costs than embryo adoption. You will be required to travel to Southern California for a total of four days for the embryo transfer.

Cost of Embryo Adoption/Donation for Florida Patients

The cost of embryo adoption for Florida patients can cost around $18,000 whereas our embryo donation cycles start at $13,200 USD.

Learn more: Embryo Donation vs. Embryo Adoption

We love our Florida egg donation and embryo donation patients!

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Interested in Donating Your Eggs as a Florida Resident?

At Donor Nexus, we welcome women from all around the world to apply to our top-rated egg donor program! Depending on which program you participate in, there is a good chance you may have to travel for your egg retrieval. However, all travel costs are covered by us and you get to bring a companion with you! We have worked with many egg donors from Orlando, Miami, Tampa, and throughout Florida and would love to connect with you to provide you with more information. Learn more: Donor Nexus Egg Donor Program Overview


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