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As a "boutique" egg donation agency and egg bank, our egg donors receive personalized support and guidance throughout the entire egg donation process. Similarly, we work closely with intended parents to help find an egg donor in Texas or ship frozen donor eggs to their designated fertility clinic. Regardless of which path you are on, we are passionate about helping you to achieve your goals and look forward to meeting you.

Find or become an egg donor in San Francisco with Donor Nexus, a leading egg donation agency and egg bank. Learn more and get started today!

Become an Egg Donor

Our top-rated programs provide opportunities for Texas egg donors to travel to Southern California to donate eggs in an Egg Banking Cycle or travel to the intended parent's fertility clinic for a Fresh Cycle. In both scenarios, we cover all travel expenses and you will receive generous compensation for your time and effort.

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Donor Nexus is an egg donation agency partnering with clinics in San Francisco. High success rates and several program options for intended parents and egg donors. Learn more!

Find an Egg Donor

We provide several proven programs for intended parents seeking a fresh egg donor, frozen donor eggs, or donor embryos. Each program has options for Open ID, Open, or Anonymous Donations. For a fresh cycle, the egg donor will travel to your clinic. For a frozen donor egg cycles, we will coordinate for the eggs to be shipped directly to your clinic.

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Texas Egg Donors Change Lives

In this testimonial video, mother via egg donation shares her experience using donor egg IVF to conceive her two children.

Texas Intended Parents:

If you are interested in finding an egg donor in Texas, register now for free access to our online donor database. We can ship cohorts of frozen donor eggs from the Donor Nexus Egg Bank directly to your local fertility clinic (see below for Texas IVF clinics we have partnered with). Alternatively, we can assist you in selecting an egg donor for a fresh one-on-one cycle and coordinate for the egg donor to travel to your clinic. Lastly, we offer an innovative and affordable embryo donation program for patients interested in using donor embryos.

At Donor Nexus, we aim to provide you with flexible options that can be tailored to fit your specific needs. We are proud to offer options for open ID, open, or closed donations within our program offerings. Once you've narrowed down your donor search, or if you have any questions, please get in touch with our team and we'll be happy to assist you.

Our Texas IVF Pre-Approved Clinic Partners (For Intended Parents)

Below, we share a list of fertility clinics we have worked with in Texas. If your chosen fertility clinic is not on the list, we'll be happy to establish a relationship with them to help coordinate your cycle.


Texas Egg Donors: Learn About Our Top-Rated Programs

Empowering you to make a difference with unique and flexible program options

Become an egg donor with Donor Nexus

One-On-One Cycle

Compensation ranges from $6,500 - $50,000+ USD

Match with one set of intended parents for a fresh cycle.

    Program Overview:

  • Wait for intended parents to select you before beginning your cycle
  • We cover your travel to the intended parents' IVF clinic 
  • One set of intended parents receives all eggs

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Donate your eggs in an egg banking cycle with the Donor Nexus Egg Bank.

Egg Banking Cycle

Compensation ranges from $5,000 - $20,000+ USD

Eggs will be frozen and stored in our egg bank.

    Program Overview:

  • Minimal wait time - you do not need to wait to be selected by intended parents
  • Eggs can be distributed to 3-4 sets of intended parents
  • Egg retrieval will take place in Newport Beach, California 

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Freeze your eggs for free when you donate half to be used by another family.

Futures - Egg Freezing

Freeze & store your eggs for free - over $21,000 USD value

Help families build their futures while saving for yours.

    Program Overview:

  • Freeze your eggs for free when you donate half to be used by another family
  • Egg retrieval takes place in Newport Beach, California
  • We will store the eggs at no cost until 2035
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Texas Egg Donor Requirements

Our egg donor requirements are:

Become an Egg Donor and Make Dreams Come True

If you have any additional questions, our team is here to help — get in touch!

In addition to representing egg donors throughout Texas, Donor Nexus facilitates egg donor cycles throughout California - Orange County, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco; ArizonaUtah; Colorado; OregonFlorida; Indiana; and throughout the United States. As an international agency, we also work with intended parents and egg donors throughout Australia, Canada, and worldwide.

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