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Donor Nexus is a boutique egg donor agency and donor egg bank in Newport Beach, California, experienced in helping intended parents throughout Canada. We offer access to fresh egg donors who are willing to travel to your designated fertility clinic for a fresh one-on-one cycle in addition to frozen donor eggs which can be shipped to your clinic. With success rates above national averages and a proven track record of success, our innovative programs have helped over 1,100 families achieve their dreams of parenthood!

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Our Pre-Approved Fertility Clinic Partners in Canada

We have worked with the following fertility clinics in Canada. If you have already established care with a clinic and don't see them on the list, we will be happy to initiate a relationship with them to help coordinate your donor egg cycle. For our donor embryo cycles, we partner exclusively with HRC Fertility in Newport Beach and Encino, California.

  • Fresh egg donor cycles:
    • Oasis Fertility - Calgary, Alberta
    • Procrea -  Québec City, Québec
    • Anova Fertility -  Toronto, Ontario

Why Do Canadian Patients Choose Our Egg Donor Agency?

Since the laws governing egg donation are very different between the United States and Canada, many Canadian intended parents prefer to work with an agency or egg bank in the U.S. to help coordinate their donor egg cycle. At Donor Nexus, we have specifically curated our donor egg programs with international patients in mind.

Donor Egg Programs for Intended Parent(s) in Toronto, Ontario, and Throughout Canada

As a boutique egg donor agency and egg bank serving patients throughout Toronto, Ontario, and all of Canada, we are committed to providing you with a personalized experience. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff is always available to answer any questions you may have. As your chosen egg donation agency, we will provide you with undivided attention and support. Your dedicated Case Manager will be by your side throughout the entire donor egg process

Online Egg Donor Database for Egg Donors in Canada and Beyond

We are proud to offer free access to our online donor database, featuring a diverse range of egg donors, frozen donor eggs, and donor embryos. Our donors come from all different backgrounds – each with their unique personality, features, and talents to fit your specific desires. You can request for any egg donor to travel to your designated fertility clinic or request cohorts of frozen donor eggs to be shipped to your clinic. We currently have several Canadian egg donors available for fresh one-on-one cycles!

Benefits of Working With Our Egg Donation Agency for Canadian Families

We work with many intended parents from Canada who choose to work with our agency and egg bank for various reasons. First, we provide a much wider selection of egg donors. Since the act of donating eggs in Canada must be altruistic, the egg donor legally cannot be paid for her egg donation. So, finding an egg donor in Canada is typically narrowed down to only willing friends and family members. Understandably, this makes it extremely difficult to find an egg donor. At Donor Nexus, we have a wide variety of egg donors available to be matched with a recipient, including Indian egg donors for Canadian patients.

Flexible Programs, Tailored to Your Unique Needs

At Donor Nexus, you have several options to choose from to make the process as easy as possible for you. We have designed our egg donation programs to ensure that there is an option tailored to every couple or individual's specific needs. For instance, you may have the option to begin your cycle in your hometown and travel to our Southern California partner fertility clinic for the transfer, or we can coordinate for your chosen egg donor to travel to your clinic for the transfer so you do not need to travel at all. For ultimate convenience, we would be happy to arrange for a cohort of frozen donor eggs to be shipped to your designated fertility clinic. Lastly, although most of our egg donors are anonymous, we do have options for open and semi-open donations as well.

What is the Egg Donation Process for Canadian Patients?

If you have already established care at your hometown fertility clinic, our egg donors from any location are generally willing to travel to your chosen clinic for their egg donation cycle. If you are considering embryo donation/embryo adoption as a patient from Canada, you are required to travel to Southern California for a total of 4 days for the embryo transfer. We will be happy to provide you with more information when you are ready. We help build families all over the world and we look forward to the opportunity to have a role in helping make your dreams come true!

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