Finding Hope: An Intended Parent and Egg Donor Meeting Jun 16, 2022 | by Donor Nexus

Finding Hope Through Egg Donation

A recent egg donor-intended parent meeting shed some light on the hardships intended parents go through. During the meeting, the intended mother opened up about why she had to use an egg donor. Many years ago, the intended mother was pregnant with her son. Unfortunately, she went through a traumatic experience while pregnant that gravely affected her child. When he was born, he was immediately taken to NICU and the doctors prepared her for the worst. A few days later, her greatest nightmare became her reality. Her son had passed away.

After years of mourning her loss, her family encouraged her to try to have another child.

Deep down in her heart, she longed for a son but she struggled with the idea of having another child. She was afraid she would lose another child and she didn’t want to feel like she was replacing her son. As time went on, she came to realize that she was ready to try again. Since so many years had gone by, her physician advised her that her best chance at conceiving was through using donor eggs (egg donation).

Accepting Using Donor Eggs

The intended mother grappled with the idea of using an egg donor since the child would not be 100% genetically hers.

Her husband was supportive through the whole experience and helped her realize the love for her child would greatly outweigh the biology of her child.

Once she became comfortable with the idea of using an egg donor, she contacted Donor Nexus to help her find an egg donor.

It was important to her that the egg donor be comfortable with meeting the intended parents. The intended mother did not want an open donation but just wanted the opportunity to meet her donor face to face and personally thank her for the generous gift she was giving her family. The intended mother picked out her egg donor, booked her flight from Australia to California and flew in just for the day to meet her egg donor!

Realizing the Impact on the Other Side of the Egg Donation

After the meeting, we walked the egg donor out. She was smiling ear to ear because she knew her donation was helping a loving family. The egg donor had a first-hand experience what it’s like on the other side of the donation.

There is a loving mother who has yearned to complete her family for years and now, because of her selfless act, she has hope that it is possible!

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