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Donor Nexus is a premier egg bank and egg donation agency located in Newport Beach, California, working with intended parents and egg donors worldwide. If you are an intended parent looking for an Asian egg donor, you can register now for free access to our online donor database, featuring a variety of available Asian egg donors. We regularly update our database with young, healthy women who have been accepted into our egg donor program. We provide options for fresh or frozen donor eggs.


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If you are interested in using frozen donor eggs or seeking an Asian egg bank, we currently have several Asian egg donors with frozen donor eggs available. Additionally, you may have the option of choosing a fresh egg donor and banking her eggs to be used for your frozen cycle. Frozen donor eggs can be sent throughout the United States and worldwide. To learn more about our Asian egg bank, visit our Frozen Donor Egg Bank Program Page here

Variety of Asian Egg Donors, Including Many Vietnamese and Filipino Egg Donors

Our online donor database is consistently updated with available Asian egg donors, including Chinese, Filipino, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese, Vietnamese, and other East Asian heritages. Register to receive complete access to our industry-leading egg donor database. Registration is free, quick, and provides you with immediate access.

Asian Egg Donor Database 

Donor Nexus is located in Newport Beach, California – a coastal city about 45 miles from Los Angeles and 90 miles to San Diego. Since our establishment in 2012, we have helped over 750 families achieve their dreams of parenthood. To view our proven record of success and superior outcomes, please visit our success rates page.

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Our Asian egg donors are located in various areas around the world and may be willing to travel to your clinic for their cycle. After you have chosen your Asian egg donor, we can begin to coordinate all travel and cycle procedures. Additionally, we have all-inclusive program options if you have not yet established care with a fertility clinic and would like to travel to Southern California for the procedure. Lastly, we have options for shipping frozen donor eggs worldwide. If your ideal Asian egg donor is participating in a fresh egg donation program, we may still be able to freeze the eggs and ship them to your clinic. We are happy to help orchestrate shipping to your desired clinic and work with your clinic to ensure all criteria are met prior to shipping. Our team is always here to help, please contact us to discover which program is right for you, learn more about a specific egg donor, or ask any questions!

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