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Egg Donor Database Featuring Hundreds of Profiles

Donor Nexus offers an extensive online egg donor database, featuring a wide variety of egg donor profiles to be browsed by interested recipients.Donor Nexus offers free access to our industry-leading egg donor database; featuring a wide variety of egg donors, frozen donor eggs, and donor embryos available to be matched with interested recipients. As the only agency with an egg donor database app, we aim to make the process as easy as possible for all loving intended parents.


Free, Complete Access to Browse Egg Donor Profiles

We offer extensive database features for free to all interested recipients. There is no charge to access our egg donor profiles but we do require all users to register to our password-protected database for security purposes. Registration is very quick and easy, and once it's completed, you will have complete access to our egg donor directory.

About Our Online Egg Donor Database

Our egg donation agency is located in Newport Beach, California and we attract patients from around the world as an international egg donation agency with high success rates and a proven track record of success. Regardless of your location or situation, we are ready to help you on your family-building journey. 


Comprehensive Egg Donor Catalog

We understand that there are a variety of factors taken into consideration when looking for an egg donor, and the decision-making criteria are different for each intended parent. For that reason, our database includes several photos of each egg donor. We encourage our donors to share photos that display their personality or extracurricular activities they’re interested in. Typically, egg donors share up to ten photos from different stages of their lives. We ask them to share photos as an infant, child, teenager, and adult.

We understand that some donor egg recipients may prioritize physical attributes such as eye color or hair color, while others are more interested in education or personality. We have built our egg donor database to help all couples and individuals find an egg donor that is perfect for their unique situation. Our innovative database allows you to browse egg donor profiles by specific physical characteristics, egg donation programs, ethnicity, and more. All of our egg donors go through an extensive interview before being admitted into our program and extensive egg donor screening once they are matched.

Browse Egg Donor Profiles to Find Your Perfect Match

We are proud to have a selection of diverse egg donors available from a variety of ethnicities and backgrounds. Our egg donor database search features African American, Asian, Caucasian, Chinese, Indian, Hispanic, Middle Eastern, and Multi Racial/Mixed Race egg donors. We are always adding new egg donors. Our egg donor database lists whether the donor is a first-time or proven egg donor. 

Benefits of Our Egg Donor Database

  • Egg donors with photos - profiles feature photos of the egg donor throughout her life and currently
  • Egg donors willing to travel to your clinic for a fresh one-on-one cycle
  • Frozen donor eggs can be shipped to your clinic
  • Comprehensive egg donor profiles with downloadable PDF
  • Easy-to-use database updated regularly
  • Save your favorites to review with our team
  • We also have donor embryos available


Flexible Programs - Fresh or Frozen Donor Eggs

You can search our egg donor database based on which program you are looking for. Many of our egg donors have completed several successful cycles with Donor Nexus. Frozen donor eggs are available instantly and can be shipped throughout the USA and internationally. 

How to Use Our Online Egg Donor Database

Step 1: Register (Quick, Easy, & Free)

We require that you register to view our egg donor profiles in detail and save favorites. We require all users to create a password-protected account to maintain confidentiality. After registering, you will receive instant access to our egg donor directory.

Step 2: Start Your Egg Donor Database Search

On our home page, use the drop-down menu to search for egg donors by eye color, hair color, and ethnicity. If you have no preference for one of the options, simply leave it blank. Choose which program you are interested in, then click search.

Step 3: Browse Egg Donor Profiles

You can narrow down your search results by selecting your desired hair color, eye color, height range, and ethnicity.

Step 4: Save Your Favorites

While browsing our egg donor catalog, be sure to take advantage of our “favorites” feature. By simply clicking on the heart icon or “Add to Favorites”, you will save the profile in your favorites so you can easily find it later.

Step 5: Contact Us to Get Started!

Once you have selected an egg donor, or narrowed down your search, contact us to get started. You will be assigned to a dedicated Case Manager who can answer your questions and review egg donor profiles with you. Our team will guide you through the rest of the process. Upon request, we may be able to facilitate a virtual meeting between the intended parent(s) and egg donor before confirming the match. 

If you have any additional questions, we are here to help. Please contact us using the form below and we will get back to you shortly!

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