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Donor Nexus is a boutique egg donor agency and donor egg bank in Newport Beach, California, representing blonde egg donors throughout the U.S. and worldwide! Since our establishment in 2012, we have helped grow over 1,100 families with our proven donor egg programs and embryo donation program. We understand that it's important for many intended parents to find an egg donor who shares physical attributes with them, and so, we're happy to help you find a blonde egg donor for a fresh one-on-one cycle or frozen donor egg cycle.

Blonde Egg Donors Available for Fresh or Frozen Donor Egg Cycles

Our egg donors can travel to your designated fertility clinic for a one-on-one cycle or we can ship cohorts of frozen donor eggs to your clinic for a frozen donor egg cycle. When browsing our online database, you can easily filter egg donor profiles by program (fresh or frozen) and hair color to make finding your ideal egg donor as easy as possible.

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Alternative Option: Using Donor Embryos

If you are interested in using embryos that were donated by other couples or individuals, our online database features a wide variety of donor embryos and is updated regularly. While most of our embryo donors opt for a closed, or anonymous, donation, we also help facilitate open or semi-open donations when the donors choose, which is a similar option to embryo adoption

About Donor Nexus

Donor Nexus is a boutique egg donation agency located in Newport Beach, California, a coastal city in Orange County about 45 miles from Los Angeles and 90 miles to San Diego. Our blonde egg donors are located in various areas around the world and are willing to travel for their cycle. Additionally, we can ship frozen donor eggs throughout the US and internationally. Donor Nexus attracts patients from around the world with success rates above national averages and compassionate care.

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