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We offer a variety of Asian egg donors, including Chinese, Filipino, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese, Vietnamese, and other East Asian heritages.

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As a leading egg donor agency and egg bank, Donor Nexus attracts Asian egg donors from around the world for our fresh and frozen programs. Register now to gain full access to 40+ Asian egg donor profiles. Creating an account is free and only takes a few seconds!

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What Sets Our Asian Egg Donor Database Apart?

  Fresh or Frozen 

We provide both fresh one-on-one cycles and frozen donor egg cycles, with the ability to ship frozen eggs worldwide.

 Flexible Options

Choose from identified, nonidentified, or open ID donations. The donor's preferences are listed on her online profile for you to see upfront. We also offer customizable "in-between" options.

 High Success Rates

Our success rates exceed national averages, and we have helped many families achieve their dream of parenthood.

 Extensive Selection

We offer a variety of Asian egg donors, including Chinese, Filipino, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese, Vietnamese, and other East Asian heritages.

 Personalized "Boutique" Experience

Experience our signature "boutique" personalized service, dedicated to supporting you every step of the way.

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Understanding Egg Donor Profiles

Below is an overview of the different "categories" and "available status" options you'll see while browsing egg donor profiles.


  • First-Time Donor: The donor has been accepted into our egg donor program but has not yet completed a cycle.
  • Proven Donor: The donor has successfully completed an egg retrieval previously.
  • Premier Donors: The donor has been accepted into our Premier Egg Donor program.


Available Status:

  • Available: Donor is available to start a cycle now.
  • Egg Banking: Donor is completing an egg banking cycle and will have frozen eggs available in 1-3 months.
  • In-Cycle: Donor is currently completing a 1:1 cycle for another family.
  • Inactive: Donor is taking a break from cycling for approximately 4-6 months.
  • On Hold: A 1-week hold has been placed on the donor.


Your Path to Finding an Asian Egg Donor Starts Here

Donor Nexus is a boutique donor egg bank and egg donor agency located in Newport Beach, California. We work with intended parents and egg donors worldwide. If you are seeking an Asian egg donor, we invite you to register now for free access to our online egg donor database, featuring a diverse selection of Asian egg donors participating in our donor egg programs.

The Donor Nexus egg donor database features Asian egg donors from around the world. Register now to browse profiles!

We're Here to Assist You on Your Journey to Parenthood

Donor Nexus' Asian egg donors are located in various areas worldwide and are typically willing to travel to your IVF clinic for a fresh cycle. We will help coordinate all travel and cycle procedures. Additionally, we offer options for shipping frozen donor eggs worldwide, ensuring all criteria are met before shipping to your desired clinic. Our dedicated team is always here to assist you. Whether you're ready to move forward with a donor, discuss your options, or have questions, we'll be happy to schedule a free consultation to help you in any way we can. 

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The Donor Nexus database features a diverse range of egg donors, encompassing a wide array of ethnicities, heritages, and demographics. Our donors include but are not limited to: Asian, Black, Caucasian, Hispanic, Indian, Jewish, Middle Eastern, Native American, BlondeBrazilian, Australian, and Canadian. Additionally, we work with many donors from our hometown of Orange County, California, and across the USA.

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