Embryo Donation Texas

The Donor Nexus embryo donation program is ranked among the top in the world. We are proud to offer our high success rates and exceptional standard of care to patients throughout Texas. If you are an Intended Parent seeking embryo donation or embryo adoption in Texas, Donor Nexus is proud to offer you free access to our embryo donor database, featuring a diverse selection of available donor embryos.

Our embryo bank is located in Newport Beach, California, and we require patients to travel to Southern California for a total of four days for the embryo transfer.

Embryo Adoption Texas

Whether you are interested in Texas embryo adoption, or embryo donation, we have options available for you. In addition to anonymous embryo donation, we also facilitate open or semi-open embryo donations when preferred by both parties.

Ultimately, we aim to fulfill the wishes of both donor embryos and donor recipients. In our embryo donor database, you will notice we have several embryos available where the donors would like to establish contact with the recipients. This allows for a known embryo donation, which is similar to embryo adoption while maintaining affordability and less complicated legal issues. While most of our embryo donors opt for a closed, or anonymous, donation, we do have options available for patients who are seeking an open or semi-open donor embryo cycle, similar to embryo adoption.

Although embryo adoption is sometimes used interchangeably for embryo donation, they do not mean the same thing. If you’d like to read more about the differences, we encourage you to read our embryo donation vs adoption article.

We are proud to offer this unique and effective path to parenthood to patients throughout Houston, Austin, Dallas, and all of Texas!

Welcoming Patients from Houston and Throughout Texas

Embryo adoption and donation has become an increasingly popular option among patients in Houston, and throughout Texas, and Donor Nexus is proud to be the chosen embryo donation agency for many Texas families. The high-quality available donor embryos in our embryo bank were donated by previous patients for various reasons; one of the main reasons being that they have successfully completed growing their own family and would like the embryos to be used by another loving family.

Donating Embryos to Other Couples or Individuals

Donor Nexus is an embryo donation agency partnering with HRC Fertility in Newport Beach, California. If you are interested in donating your embryos to other couples or individuals, our embryo donation program offers an excellent solution.

Why Choose Donor Nexus?

Absolutely no cost to you as the embryo donor.

Reputable embryo donation agency with years of experience facilitating matches between embryo donors and recipients.

Flexible program with options for open or closed donations. You choose what you’re comfortable with, and we respectfully manage the embryos accordingly.

We will create a profile for your embryos and list them on our industry-leading online embryo donor database. With many intended parent(s) browsing our database, we have the ability to match your embryos with loving recipients in a timely manner.

High success rates & many happy families!

How to Donate Embryos

To start the process of donating your embryos, please fill out the form on this page. Once we receive the form, our team will be in touch with you shortly. Next, you will fill out a blank embryo profile. This is where you can express any stipulations you have on the embryos, such as requesting an open donation with semi-regular contact or any other specific wishes you may have. Next, we will upload the donor embryo profile onto our database with non-identifying information for prospective recipient families to view. Once an intended parent expresses interest in the embryos, we will organize the shipping of the embryos and you will begin the paperwork, including consent forms, to transport the embryos to our partner fertility clinic in Southern California.


For a comprehensive step-by-step process of donating embryos with Donor Nexus, download the PDF below:

Embryo Information:

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