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Texas egg donation services at Donor Nexus!hank you for your interest in our Texas egg donation program! We are located in beautiful Newport Beach, California and attracting patients from around the world with our exceptional high success rates and innovative egg donor programs. Our mission is to make egg donation treatments affordable and accessible to all families. Since our establishment in 2012, we have helped grow many Texas families with our egg donation and embryo donation programs.

Egg Donation for Residents of Houston, Austin, San Antonio & More

We have gotten to know many individuals struggling with infertility, and we understand how stressful the entire egg donation process can be. So, we do absolutely everything we can to alleviate the emotional challenges you have been facing. First, we partner with only the best fertility clinics. Our primary fertility clinic partner, HRC Fertility Newport Beach, consistently ranks within the highest success rates nationally.

Second, as your chosen egg donation agency, we will provide you with undivided attention and support. Your dedicated Case Manager will be your advocate throughout the entire egg donation process. You can expect getting very close with your Case Manager. They will be providing you with updates as they coordinate with your chosen egg donor and also offering genuine support and guidance whenever you need them.

Third, we are excited to introduce our innovative online egg donor database. We currently have over 250 available egg donors in our database ready to be matched with recipients! We are proud to offer our intended parents a wide variety of diverse egg donors. Our egg donors come from all different backgrounds – each with their unique personality, features, and talents to fit your specific desires.

Egg Donors Willing to Travel

Donor Nexus’ egg donors will travel to your chosen clinic for the egg retrieval cycle. We are proud to be one of the top-rated egg donation agencies for Texas patients. We are truly devoted to making an impact in the lives of our patients.


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At Donor Nexus, we believe that any couple or individual who dreams of growing their family should have the opportunity to pursue that dream. Our mission is to make egg donation and embryo donation treatments affordable and accessible to all loving intended parents. We welcome patients from around the world to participate in our embryo and egg donation programs. If you have any additional questions, we are here to help.

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