Egg Donor Cycle Timeline

How Long is the Egg Donation Process?

At Donor Nexus, the egg donation process is generally completed within 2-4 months from the time you choose an egg donor.

How Does the Egg Donor Process Work?

The egg donation process with Donor Nexus is broken down for you below:

1. Once you choose an egg donor, you will complete preliminary documents in order for Donor Nexus to prepare your match agreement and invoice.

Donor Nexus offers in-person or Skype meetings for intended parents to get to know the egg donor prior to confirming the match, as long as the egg donor agrees to the meeting. To facilitate the meeting, we will collect a non-refundable $500, which will be put toward our cycle fees if the intended parent moves forward with our agency.

2. You will receive a contract and invoice to be completed within seven (7) days.

The deposit amount is 50% of the agency fee and the donors prescreen evaluations.

3. Upon receipt of the signed contract and funds, the cycle will be CONFIRMED. The egg donor is reserved and her status is changed to “in cycle” on the database. We will also forward a confirmed match sheet to your fertility doctor and nurse. We will initiate the egg donors prescreen evaluations. Prescreen evaluations consist of:

• Medical evaluation is often completed during the egg donor’s menstrual cycle at your designated fertility clinic.* The evaluation generally includes an ultrasound, blood work (including ovarian reserve testing, drug screening, infectious disease screening, STI screening, and a genetic carrier panel), a physical, and a consultation with the physician or nurse practitioner.

• Psychological evaluation with a LMFT to ensure the egg donor is emotionally ready to perform what is required of her as a donor.

• Legal consultation with a designated reproductive law firm gives the egg donor the opportunity to speak with an attorney to review her egg donor contract so she understands her rights and responsibilities before, during, and after her cycle.

*If your selected egg donor lives out of state, your physician may require her to fly in for a one-day medical screening. At times, the physician will not require the egg donor to fly, specifically if the egg donor has cycled before. We will orchestrate the egg donor’s travel arrangements and/or any pretesting that needs to be completed at a fertility clinic close to the donor’s home.

The evaluations can take up to 2 months to complete, depending on the egg donor’s menstrual cycle. The egg donor may or may not be put on birth control pills.

4. Once the clinic has provided medical clearance for the egg donor, we will submit the psychological evaluation and legal clearance letter from the lawyer.

5. The remaining funds are due once medical clearance is issued by the clinic and the egg donor is cleared to cycle.

6. The clinic will provide the egg donor a cycle calendar and medication instructions.

We keep in close contact with the egg donor throughout her cycle. We remind her of her appointments via text message and make sure she is feeling okay, emotionally and physically.

7. The egg donor will have a “baseline appointment” to check her ovaries and blood levels to clear her to start medications.

8. Once cleared to start medications, the egg donor will have monitoring ultrasounds and blood work every 2-3 days.

If you select an egg donor from out of state, the number of days she needs to spend at the clinic will be determined by your physician. Most physicians will allow the egg donor to have a baseline ultrasound and 1-2 monitoring appointments close to her home. The egg donor will then spend 6-10 days monitoring at your fertility clinic. Donor Nexus will orchestrate the outside monitoring appointments, travel, and accommodation for the egg donor and her companion.

9. After about 10 days of medications, the egg donor will give herself the final “trigger shot(s)”.

10. The egg donor will be accompanied by her companion to the egg retrieval procedure. If the egg donor is from out of town she will likely fly home the day after egg retrieval, as long as she feels okay. The egg donor has earned her compensation once the egg retrieval is completed.

Please note this is a brief description of the overall egg donation process timeline in order to provide you with a better understanding of what to expect. If you have any additional questions, we are here to help.

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