My Egg Donor Experience, by Donor SH Sep 05, 2018 | by Donor Nexus
Fertility, and specifically egg donation, is often a private topic. There are some articles online, but nothing really captures the joys and pains of donating your eggs. I have completed my second donation in six months and am looking into a third, and final, cycle with Donor Nexus. Egg donation is an extremely rewarding process, as ultimately you are giving the potential gift of life.

Knowing that you helped someone start or add to their family is unlike any other feeling.

The minor discomforts are well worth the end result. However, any female looking into egg donation should be prepared for the process. Egg donation is a job. You must be prepared to sign on for all the elements of the process. Daily injections, eating right, not exercising, and abstaining from alcohol are all things expected of a donor.

Dedication is key.

Honestly, the daily injections are minimally painful and, when done correctly, have no bruising or bleeding. I almost look forward to my injections because it means I am one day closer to giving my eggs to the intended parents. Not all donors will react to the medication as I do but be prepared to gain a few pounds (easily lost after the donation). Personally, I had a rough recovery time after my first donation cycle. It took about three weeks for the bloating and discomfort to subside.

I was extremely nervous for my second cycle. Never be afraid to talk to your doctor or nurse about your body and how you are reacting to the medication. I tend to tough things out, but in this instance, it can be more harmful than helpful. My second cycle was almost pain-free compared to my first, directly caused by my nurse and doctor listening to my needs and tailoring my medication schedule. If you have any unnecessary discomfort, tell your nurse right away. It makes the process so much easier on the body.

I have learned more about female fertility and my body through egg donation than I could ever have been taught by textbooks. I would recommend egg donation to anyone, whether you know anything about fertility or not. Donating with Donor Nexus is the experience of a lifetime, an opportunity I am extremely grateful for.

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