My Egg Donor Experience, by Donor J Sep 07, 2016 | by Donor Nexus

Why I Decided to Be an Egg Donor Initially

Initially, I became a donor because of the compensation benefits. I was looking for another job to supplement my income. I came across egg donation and began thinking of what an impactful decision this would be for a family wishing to conceive and having issues. I filled out the profile and within a few months had been selected by a pair of intended parents.

Meeting the Intended Parents In Person

This was my first time donating and I thought it was sort of unusual the parents wanted to meet me in person. Donor Nexus made it very clear that I in no way had to agree to this but if I was okay with it someone from Donor Nexus would also be in the room and help guide our conversation. I agreed to meet them and am VERY happy I did. They were the sweetest couple and I really connected with them. They were immediately grateful for my willingness to meet them and also to be involved with this process. I left afterward feeling extremely appreciated.

The Process
The process of the actual donation was a breeze for me. The injections for a few weeks prior to the retrieval were no big deal and never affected my daily life. At the doctor’s office on the day of the retrieval I received the best medical treatment I think I ever have in my life! They were all so kind and made sure I had met everyone… the Doctor, the anesthesiologist, and all the nurses. Even Mackenzie from Donor Nexus was there!

The Recovery

My recovery was super quick. I was never in any pain after I woke up, just bloated for about a week. After the donation, I received the kindest letter from the intended parents. It made a HUGE impact on me. They had not even found out if they had gotten pregnant yet and still were the most grateful people in the world. It was one of the most heartfelt letters I have ever read. They even referred to me as “their Fairy God Donor” And… they did end up getting pregnant! I decided to do a 2nd donation which was very similar to the first in terms of ease.

Earning More Money as a Second-Time Egg Donor

Also, I was able to make more money this time around because I was now a proven egg donor! I have decided to go for round three and I would highly recommend becoming a donor to anyone who would like to make a substantial amount of money while also deeply impacting a couple who desperately wants a family. In my opinion, it is the best gift that can be given and genuinely a beautiful thing!

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