My Egg Donor Experience, by Donor C Dec 09, 2016 | by Donor Nexus

What Becoming an Egg Donor Meant to Me

I originally found out about Donor Nexus from a close friend of mine who worked with them & absolutely loved it. Becoming an egg donor meant more to me than just the compensation. I think as women, it has always been a dream of ours to become mothers someday. Becoming an egg donor meant that I was going to be able to help someone achieve that dream and bring happiness into other’s lives.

Made the Process So Easy For Me

Donor Nexus made this process so easy for me. I filled out a questionnaire online and before I knew it, the team at Donor Nexus was already in contact with me, striving to get the ball rolling and simplifying every step for me. I was matched very quickly, within a month of signing up! Each appointment that was scheduled for me was very prompt and straight to the point. I really appreciated that!

Only a Call, Text, or Email Away

Throughout the egg donation process, if I had ANY questions at any moment, the sweet Mackenzie was only a text, call, or email away. She provided me with every detail I was curious about and made me feel beyond comfortable with being a first-time donor. As the time approached for me to begin the shots, I grew a little nervous wondering if they would hurt, or if I would even be able to do them myself.

Egg Donor Self-Injection Medications and Egg Retrieval

I was thoroughly instructed on how to do them and was informed that they are practically painless... They weren't lying! The shots were beyond easy to give myself and I felt little to no pain at all! The egg retrieval itself was a piece of cake. I was in NO pain whatsoever. My only side effect was mild bloating for about 2-3 days, which is completely normal and was expected. Mackenzie and the team at Donor Nexus were constantly by my side, checking in on me via texts and phone calls to make sure I was comfortable and well-informed throughout the entire process. I am so lucky to have found such a great company to work with. I would do it 1,000 times over again!

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