My Egg Donor Experience, by Donor S

Becoming an egg donor for Donor Nexus was such a gratifying experience for me.

The entire process was so put together and organized, even when there were bumps in the road Donor Nexus’ staff was able to quickly and efficiently smooth out those bumps so that there was minimal to no stress on my part.

Having so many doctor appointments allowed to me stay informed through the entire process especially since I live on the east coast and the Donor Nexus headquarters are in California. Living in a rural area made it hard to find a doctor’s office close to my home so I had to drive to the closest city which was 2 hours away for every doctor’s appointment or blood draw and Donor Nexus made sure I was reimbursed for all the gas I had to pay to get to and from appointments.

I even went on a small beach vacation right before I was to fly to California for my egg retrieval and the girls assigned to my case worked around my schedule and found me a doctor’s office to get my blood drawn as close to the beach house we were staying at as possible.

While I wouldn’t recommend following my lead and taking vacation right before an egg retrieval it is a prime example of how flexible and professional their staff is. They understood that I had a life outside of being an egg donor and wanted to help me work everything into my everyday life so that there was little to no change.

When starting the process of preparing my body for the egg retrieval there were very intricate steps to changing my diet and keeping my body healthy. For me this was the biggest change through this full process because I wasn’t used to having to look after my body so closely,

but after only a week or so the change in my diet became a routine and even after the retrieval I still keep to some of the healthy eating routines.

Yes, being an egg donor will force you to make slight changes to your life in a small window of time but at the end of day it was an extremely fulfilling process. I have always wanted to give back in a personal way and to me this was the best way possible, especially since Donor Nexus makes sure all families and egg donors are one hundred percent ready for this big step through a rigorous screening process. Being an egg donor to me meant I could give back in a very personal way without being too involved.

Now that I have donated some of my eggs to a very deserving family I would be very willing to donate eggs again if chosen by another prospective parent or set of prospective parents.

Getting to fly out to California for 3-4 days and stay in a clean hotel close to the ocean was very generous of Donor Nexus, they treated me and my plus one with the up most respect and courtesy.

They were able to get both of our plane tickets together and kept us in the same vicinity the whole time and once we had landed in California they gave us free time to explore in between doctor’s appointments.

Seeing a new place and getting to do something special for other people made the experience very valuable to me.

I hope that whom ever is thinking about becoming an egg donor really thinks hard about how they will feel about it in the future and considers their life style and if they feel like they can change unhealthy habits quickly.

If so then don’t hesitate to call and talk to one of their lovely staff members about their program because for me, it was a beautiful process and I’m sure it will be for you as well.

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