The 2016 Success Rates are in...and they ROCK!

The 2016 fertility success rates are in and we are proud to announce that once again our partner clinic, HRC Fertility Orange County, achieved donor egg success rates that rank among the top nationwide! The CDC reported in 2014 that HRC Fertility OC ranked #3 nationally for egg donation using fresh embryos. Of the top six best fertility clinics, HRC Fertility OC is the only clinic that offers shared egg donor cycles. Sharing a cycle with other recipients allows the cost of IVF to be cut in half while still providing patients with exceptional success rates.

From January 2012 through January 2017, Donor Nexus’ shared cycles resulted in a pregnancy rate of 81% for both fresh and frozen transfers. For patients who are hoping for more than two children or who wish to perform genetic screening/gender selection, Donor Nexus and HRC Fertility also offer Traditional 1-on-1 Egg Donor Cycles, where the matching recipient receives all the eggs produced by the egg donor. Our current pregnancy rate for the Traditional is 81.8% for both fresh and frozen transfers.

If a fresh egg donor cycle is not the right fit for your timeframe or budget, we also offer Frozen Donor Egg Cycles and Donor Embryo Cycles. Frozen egg cycles are great for patients who want to cycle at their convenience and not have to synchronize with a cycling donor. Our current pregnancy rate with frozen eggs is 62.5%.

Donor embryo cycles are a great alternative to adoption at a fraction of the cost, while still providing patients with a remarkable pregnancy rate of 65.71% (partially dependent on the quality and stage of the embryo(s) when frozen).

A home study is not required with our donor embryo program. Because the eggs and embryos are already frozen, the timeframe to complete a cycle is generally a few months.

Donor Nexus is honored to partner with a clinic that offers consistently excellent results and care for our patients. We look forward to continuing this success in 2017!

CDC ART 2014 Clinic Report:

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